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Sacred Strength Organic, Non-GMO Superfood Meal

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  • Sacred Strength is a plant based protein powder that not only tastes great but it's also designed to support your adrenals and lower stress. This protein powder helps increase endurance, vitality and stamina, enhance the immune system and support a proper hormone balance and endocrine system with adaptogens and herbs.
  • Sacred Strength is a plant based protein powder that not only tastes great but it's also designed to support your adrenals and lower stress. This protein powder helps increase endurance, vitality and stamina, enhance the immune system and support a proper hormone balance and endocrine system with adaptogens and herbs.
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 Product Description

100% Raw Organic Superfood.  100% Pure, Plant-based Superfood!



Who Benefits From Sacred Strength?

Anyone who wants more:


....Healthy Hormones

....Peaceful Sleep

.... Enhanced Immune Function

....11 grams of plant protein without bloating from whey or soy

....A healthy libido that natural and sustainable

Sacred Strength is for you. This synergistic protein powder not only tastes great, but really works! This unique blend is unlike any other protein powder on the market today. Containing a special blend of stress-relieving adaptogens, medicinal roots, herbs and grounding spices – Sacred Strength promises to deliver your body with the strength and endurance you need for your busy lifestyle. You'll love the ultra high quality Maca Root from Peru that is lovingly blended with carefully grown Ashwagandha and Turmeric Roots. And don't forget about Dandelion Root, Beet Root and Rhodiola Root to support your adrenals and provide whole-body vitality. Sacred Strength is truly one of a kind. 

You don't want anything less than organic, raw, vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free, non GMO superfood! This blends beautifully into smoothies, shakes, or straight up in water in 2 minutes or less.

Whether you’re busy with work, travel, or you’re an athlete, you may be someone looking for a quick, nutritious meal or snack on the go. Add it to a smoothie, on your breakfast bowl, or as a “superfood shot” in water along with whatever you’re in the mood to amplifiy with the most unique combination of the best Plant Proteins, Adaptogens and Tonic Herbs!


Health Benefits: 

Containing an ideal combination of adaptogenic botanicals, and easy to digest plant protein, Sacred Strength is ideal for those of us who need an extra boost to tired out adrenals and nervous system. Studies show that most people's bodies are bombarded by low quality food, busy schedules, stress, lack of rest, and pollutants. Due to these everyday stressors, our bodies start to feel fatigued and we lose energy and focus. On both a subtle and physical level, we are no longer living happy, healthy or balanced lives. Adding high quality food and adapotgens to our diet is a great way to return to optimal well-being. Sacred Strength is specially formulated to provide unparalled support to your Immune and Endocrine Systems  – the places in our body which are most affected by stress. If you want to offset some of your physical, emotional, and environmental stressors, Sacred Strength could just what you're looking for! 

Protein: High quality PURE protein from Organic Sprouted Brown Rice and Organic Hemp Hearts. Low acid and easy to digest. 

Stress Relief: Powerful adaptogenic botanicals, roots and herbs speed relieve stress and balance and over-worked endocrine system.

Vitality: Superoots support the adrenals and promote livliness, vigor, and longevity. 

Hormone Support: Grounding and revitalizing roots and herbs can lessen mood swings and enhance libido.

Weight Loss: Over time, consuming nutrient and fiber rich superfoods are likely to decrease cravings for "less healthy foods."

Cleansing: Alkalizing superfoods will put your body on the fast track to health by cleansing the body of toxins, balancing blood sugar, and easing digestion.


Sacred Strength was inspired by the many roots and herbs that have been used by original peoples in South America, Asia, and Europe to promote strength, vigor, and vitality. In Peru, for example, it is said that Maca Root was given to warriors returning from battle AND new mothers after birth to revive the body of any lost vitality. Like Maca Root, many of the roots and adaptogens found in Sacred Strength have been held in high regard by generations of people over the course of millennia for their ability to increase vitality, energy, stamina & endurance, promote longevity and strengthen the immune system without over-stimulating the body. Nurturing the nervous system, these plants can counteract anxiety and stress that will promote a calm state of mind – allowing the body to return to its natural, peaceful state 


Why Choose Sacred Strength?

Sacred Strength is a truly unique blend of the most premium superfoods and adaptogens on earth. Inspired by the many ancient healing traditions around the world such as Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine and Central and South American shamanic healing traditions, Sacred Strength represents a “melting pot” of sacred and incredibly healing foods that have been known about and used for millennia.  Our founder spent 25 years researching and experimenting with these superfoods and their many health benefits to create a synergistic blend that benefits everyone. Not only does Sacred Strength taste great, but it contains nearly every vitamin, mineral, amino acid and fiber content that your body needs to feel its best, build lean muscle, and give you energy! We believe that everyone deserves to have excellent health, and it is our mission to provide you with the best superfood products to help you obtain this level of well-being.


What customers are saying:  

""I was so depleted of minerals after a 22 hour labor, and so hungry all the time for the next few weeks! And I had a newborn in my arms all the time, so I kept making shaker jars of Sravaa like crazy. I was mixing Sacred Strength and Mayan Chocolate the most often. Plus I was usually doing some of the SuperFruit C randomly. Oh and at least a couple of tablspoons of one of their Elixir also. The coolest thing was that even tho my baby was born with a fairly low birth weight of 5lbs 15 oz , within a few days of doing all these superfoods my milk came in rich and strong she was gaining twice the average daily weight"   

Madalena S., Durango, Colorado


"I love the Mayan Chocolate and the Sacred Strength, and not only do they contain the most excellent ingredients, they are formulated in such a way I can't really say what I like better...the way they taste, or the way they make me feel. They really give me a boost, and it's not a temporary stimulant type of boost, but a real nutritional and healing boost. I can feel immediately how much my body loves it. I recommend these products most highly!"

Alessandra D., Boulder, Colorado


More About Plant-Based Protein.

Containing 11 g of protein per serving, Sacred Strength contains a nutrient-dense blend of organic sprouted brown rice protein and hemp seed protein. These plant-based blends of protein are not only easy for the body to assimilate and digest, but they contain an ample amount of fiber, no sugar, an ideal amount of healthy carbohydrates, and 80% Pure Protein. Unlike soy protein that contains “oligosaccharides” which are extremely difficult for the body to digest, Sarvaa proteins contain none of the carbohydrates and simple sugars that are detrimental to your health. Hemp is not a starchy grain so is completely Paleo Friendly.  And the natural sprouting and fermenting of the Brown Rice Protein truely transforms a lowly grain into a protein powerhouse. You see, normal rice is mostly starch, but after sprouting the protein content jumps up dramatically, then the live enzymes and fermentation process increases the protein even more, so you get the easiest-to-digest, highest quality, organic, earth-friendly, raw, vegan, 80% pure protein! 


What Makes Sacred Strength Unique?

The ideal blend of nutrients that your body needs, plus a potent dose of Adaptogens, Greens, Probiotics, Medicinal Mushrooms! You won't find anything else that is so complete, so innovative, or most importantly that actually feels great every day!



You might ask, What is an adaptogen exactly? Adaptogens are a unique set of superfoods that literally “adapt” to the needs of the body. Whether it’s stress, low immunity, recovery or illness, adaptogens work with the body to recreate balance, harmony, and well-being. They are best known for their stress-relieving benefits as they greatly benefit the nervous system. Everyday, our bodies are bombarded with stressors from toxins, environment, poor diet, and daily life stress. It’s ridiculous to even expect that our bodies can put up with all of this! The bottom line is that our bodies need help. It’s only recently that modern society has coined the word “adaptogen” to describe foods that have been used, and known about by healing traditions for millennia. Over time, consuming adaptogenic foods will decrease your body’s reactivity to stress. Not only that but you will find that you have more energy, feel happier, and more positive! Foods like Turmeric Root, Maca Root, Holy Basil, and Reishi Mushroom are all adaptogens that have unique abilities to heal and support the body in positive ways. Unlike other superfood blends on the market, Pacha Protein is unique in that it includes these special botanicals rather than focusing only on protein and cheap fillers.

The good news? Sacred Strength contains at least 10 adaptogenic botanicals, each with unique healing properties:

Turmeric Root: This adaptogen is one of our favorites. Not only is it extremely effective at reducing inflammation, it assists in digestion, skin tone, and has been studied extensively as a cure for cancer. One of the most characteristic qualities of Turmeric is that it contains curcumin, a curcuminoid that gives the roots its defining yellow color. This active compound makes Turmeric a very effective plant for promoting healthy digestion, boosting immunity, reducing inflammation, and cleansing the blood and liver. This root was so revered by the Polynesians that it was one of few plants carried on their voyage across the Pacific where it eventually landed in Hawaii and is now known as "Olena." It is even thought to have been used as long ago as 10.000 years ago in ancient India. 

Maca Root. Native to Peru, Maca Root is adaptogenic in that it has the unique ability to remineralize     the body, increase energy, boost the immune system and support the endocrine system after it has been depleted . It is also well known for enhancing libido and enhancing fertility! Fun fact: Maca Root   was used in Peru by native tribes for warriors returning from battle or for women after giving birth!  This plant was used as a method for rebuilding the body after intense exertion and depletion.


Ashwagandha Root: This powerful, ancient herb has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries.   This root has many restorative benefits such as combatting stress, improving memory and concentration, reducing anxiety, stabilizing blood sugar, protecting the immune system, enhancing sexual potency, and acting as an anti-inflammatory. This miracle herb translates from Sanskrit to "the  smell of the horse," implying that it can offer the strength and vigor of a stallion.

Tulsi Leaf (Holy Basil): Native to India, this adaptogen is known as the "queen of herbs" or sometimes the "elixir of life" due to its potent healing qualities. It is considered to be one of the most sacred plants in India and has been used in the holisitic tradition of Ayurveda for its health enhancing, life prolonging, and disease preventing properties. Along with strengthening the immune system and relieving stress, Tulsi promotes longevity, heart and respiratory health, aids in digestion and increases mental clarity!

Shilajit: Technically a resin, this herbal botanical is considered extremely sacred in parts of India. It literally translates to the "nectar of the Gods" and is considered to be a remover of weakness in the body. It has been used by yogis for millennia to enhance meditation and focus. Shilajit contains a host of trace minerals and vitamins that increase strength, immune function, and stamina. 

Reishi Mushroom: In Chinese medicine, this mushroom has been used for thousands of years to encourage vigor and long life. This "king of herbs" was used by ancient kings and emperors in a tea to increase wisdom and happiness. Reishi Mushroom has strong anti-oxidant values and is believed to suppress tumor growth in cancer. It is also known to build immunity, respiratory strength, and increase blood flow to the heart. Today in the west, Reishi is often made into elixirs and tonics that aid in vitality and longevity.

Camu Camu Berry: This powerful Amazonian superfruit that is native to Brazil and Peru has more Vitamin C than any other fruit on the planet. In as little as a 1/3 teaspoon, Camu Camu provides nearly 200% of your Recommended Daily Value (RDA) of Vitamin C. Rich in amino acids, bioflavonoids, and minerals, this incredible berry has been used to treat viral infections, helps maintain mental clarity, strengthens the immune system, and supports the nervous system.

Dandelion Root: This common adaptogen can be used and harvested almost anywhere in the world. Not just a common weed, the root of this incredible plant has been used to treat malfunctions of the liver for milennia. Not only can it be used as a liver tonic, but is known to increase energy levels, reduce swelling, aid in digestion, and is known to be a powerful antioxidant. 

Rhodiola Root: Also known as "golden root," Rhodiola is a native plant to parts of Europe and Asia that has been used to treat anxiety disorders, mood imbalances and fatigue. This potent, natural adaptogen helps the mind and body adapt to stress while also providing more energy and focus. 

Burdock Root: An important herb in both folk and chinese medicine, Burdock root is valued for its blood cleansing and skin healing properties. Traditionally, the root was thought to carry magical power, particularly powers of healing and protection. In the Native American healing tradition, this pant was used by the Malecite, Micmac, Ojibwa, Menominee and Iroquois for both skin health and dried for food storage. 

Tribulus: An ancient plant of India and Ayurveda, Tribulus has traditionally been used for male vitality. The roots are known to enhance libido and sexual well-being without decreasing levels of testosterone. Another common use of this plant is for buidling muscle mass, strength, and organ function.



Perhaps one of the most unique ingredients thats in Sacred Strength are medicinal mushrooms. These mushrooms have been used for milennia as adaptogens and healing tonics in healing traditions around the globe. They promote longevity, vitality, and are incredibly immune boosting. Sarvaa Superfood only uses certified organic mushroom varieties that are harvested in the mycelium stage (the youngest)  to ensure bio-availability in the body in their raw form. For more information on this topic please visit our FAQs page. 

Cordyceps: This medicinal mushroom has been used to strengthen the body and mind as both an adaptogen and tonic herb. It is thought to improve stamina, reduce fatigue, enhance sexual function, fight free radicals, balance hormones, and help maintain healthy cholesterol levels. It is even thought to improve athletic performance! 

Reishi: Used medicinally in areas of China and Japan for thousands of years, Reishi is considered sacred and a "king of herbs." It is believed to encourage vigor, long life, and happiness. It's strong antioxidant value is believed to suppress tumor growth and drastically improve immunity. 

Chaga: Chaga mushrooms are one of the most potent immune system boosters and has been used for centuries as possibly the most potent anti-oxidant on Earth. It has been used as a general tonic and as a powerful ally in general heath and healing. One of the most sought after qualities of Chaga is the abundance of Beta-D-Glucans that it contains. Chaga Mushrooms are a natural Biological Response Modifier (BRM). Research has also shown that Chaga activates immune cells responsible for combating cancer initiation.

Lions Mane: Perhaps the most notable use of Lions Mane is its incredible abilities of nerve regeneration and its neuroprotective effects. In the medical community, Lions Mane is being explored as a healthy alternative treatment for diseases of Alzheimers and senile dementia as it is thought to improve memory while regnerating important nerves in the brain. 

Fu Ling Poria: Commonly used in Chinese Medicine, Fu Ling has a wide range of medicinal uses that range from lowering blood sugar to strengthening the digestive system. Used in Chinese Medicine to relieve symptoms of "dampness" it is a strong immune booster for those suffering from issues with the spleen, stomach, kidneys, heart and lungs. 



3. PROBIOTICS  8 strains of the most potent and "intelligent" beneficial bacteria. You may already know Probiotics are super important to your health and well being. Yet, did you know that you have ten times as many bacteria cells in your body than regular human cells? You have over six trillion human cells and over 60 trillion micro-organinisms in you right now! Hard to fully fathom this fact, yet it's true. So you want your "community" of 60 trillion living beings to be very healthy. And it’s incredibly important that this community of bacteria is at least 95% beneficial (pro-biotic) bacteria, and less than 5% bad organisms. 

Did you know that there is a whole new genre of doctors known as Functional Medicine MDs and Health Scientists who are dramatically extending the breadth and depth of the work that Naturopathic Doctors have been doing for decades? And one of the most powerful areas of research they're doing is in the arena of "gut health" and the specific health and ratios of the various beneficial bacteria. These “pro-biotics” are keeping the bad bacteria in check every minute of your life, so it behoves us to help them out as much as possible! In fact, a collection of these brilliant and dedicated researchers are now saying that your gut health is responsible for over 65% of your total immune system!
Do you know that the new term for your personal community of “gut bacteria” is your Micro-biome? Patterned after the excellent results from the Humane Genome Project, there is a vastly more complex and rewarding new research arena called the Human Biome Project. This research is helping people who’ve had terrible and chronic illness that have not responded to any therapies for years! Now hundreds of thousands of people have better resources! After many years of exposure to toxins, processed food, and overly prescribed antibiotics, this "army" of probiotic helpers are coming from Nature to restore your gut health.
Not all beneficial bacteria are created equal.  Did you know that some of these beneficial organisms are much more intelligent than others? For instance, L. Plantarum is considered a “Leader” and an “Organizer” of the community of micro-organisms in your gut. There are a handful of these "Leaders" in your Micro-biome, and so we include a large amount of these most essential strains in Sarvaa Superfood.
There are also beneficial bacteria in your intestines that create more of the essential production of vitamins than others, so again Sarvaa Superfood includes these in abundance. And lastly, there are strains of probiotics that are very robust and do more of "fighting off" of the  unfriendly yeasts and bacterial invaders, and these are also heavily represented in the Sarvaa Probiotic Blend. 
You get the best of the best for free! And all this probiotic goodness is included in your Superfood Meal at no extra charge. You’re getting approximately one dollar worth of probiotics in every serving! This is worth from $8 to $44 depending on which size you choose! How is this possible? Because the retail mark up on probiotic supplements is the highest in the food business. But Sarvaa Superfood sources the best strains of probiotics in bulk and then pass on the savings on to you with no mark up!


Suggested Use

Add 3-5 tablespoons to your favorite milk or water. (For less calorie intake, we recommend mixing with water.) If you feel like being creative, try adding Sacred Strength to your smoothie recipe or just adding a bananna for extra carbs. For additional healthy fats, try adding chia seeds, coconut or hemp oil. The possibilities are endless wtih this great tasting protien powder!


When Should I take it?

Sacred Strength contains 11g of protein per 3 Tbs, or 5 Tbs is 19g of protein! When eaten as a superfood meal, we suggest replacing whichever meal would typically be your lowest quality meal, for the greatest benefit to your health. To enhance athletic performance, its usually best taken either after the event for muscle recovery or approximately an hour before. How much you use depends on your weight, the intensity of your exercise, and how well you eat overall. There is no specific formula for this, it's fine to use your best judgement! 


Nutritional Information:

Sacred Strength Ingredients: Organic Sprouted Brown Rice Protein (80% Pure Protein), Organic Pea Protein (80% Pure Protein), Organic Hemp Heart Protein (50% Pure Protein), Sarvaa Rejuve Roots (Organic Maca Root, Organic Ashwaganda Root,  Organic Turmeric Root, Organic Dandelion Root, Organic Burdock Root, Organic Nettle Leaf, Rhodiola Root, Organic Camu Camu Berries, Organic Cordyceps Mushroom, Organic Reishi Mushroom, Organic Chaga, Organic Lions Mane Mushroom, Organic Fu Ling Mushroom, Shilajit, Organic Beet Juice), Organic Lucuma, Organic Goji Berries, Organic Spices, Organic Dehydrated Coconut Nectar, Orsa Sea Salt, Sarvaa 8 Strains of Probiotics, a tiny dash of stevia.


Love Your Body!      Love Everybody! 




* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 
If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using this product. 



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 Product Reviews

  1. Another Great Taste from Sarvaa

    Posted by Unknown on 13th Aug 2016

    I really enjoy having the variety of great tasting meal replacement products Sarvaa offers. I shake up a scooper of Sacred Strength with Almond milk in morning and I'm good to go, with energy, without snacking until lunchtime. It truly replaces a meal while satisfying the taste buds. Yum.

  2. Grounding and Energizing!

    Posted by Danielle :) on 26th Dec 2015

    This is my husband's favorite Sarvaa Superfood product. We both love its flavor and its grounding, yet energizing, quality ingredients. The flavor is slightly reminiscent of chai; it tastes even more incredible with almond milk. Love that Sacred Strength contains Rejuve-Roots yet is a sweeter option with plant-based protein!

  3. Most wonderful awesome products!

    Posted by Ocean Moon Tigress on 30th Aug 2015

    I have had the Mayan Chocolate and now the Sacred Strength, and not only do they contain the most excellent ingredients, they are formulated in such a way I can't really say what I like better...the way they taste or the way they make me feel. They really give me a boost, and it's not a temporary stimulant type of boost, but a real nutritional and healing boost. I can feel immediately how much my body loves it. I recommend these products most highly!

  4. So handy and xlnt

    Posted by Alex on 29th Sep 2014

    Sarvaa products make my body feel so good! They are easy, fast, delicious and I can tell from how well my body feels, that these organic superfoods are loading me with the nutrients my body needs. A clean meal that leaves me clear, focused and confident for the tasks ahead. There definitely days that I don't have time to make a lunch and I love mixing up a shake with Sacred Strength and coconut milk. Or making one before or after a mountain bike ride. Also my favorite snacks are the Alive and Strength Elixirs. So tasty, so satisfying and so nutritious!

  5. Best Tasting & Worth the Investment

    Posted by Archana on 10th Sep 2014

    Since the early 90's, I have eaten just about every algae, superfood, & enhanced protein. Solay's formulas are at least as good as my other favorite (Healthforce) and taste better. My favorites are Cacao Plus, Sacred Strength, & Superfood C. The small bags are great for travel, and the tastes are so good, I can mix with only water. Another plus is customer service -- prompt, caring response from a person, not just automated, pre-recorded replies. The products are fantastic -- and -- my body loves them (which helps moving me more towards loving everybody).

  6. Excellent meal or snack

    Posted by Gabe S on 10th Sep 2014

    Very satisfying. I don’t feel like I’ve given up a meal at all — in fact, my body feels solid and well-fueled on this stuff. And it tastes great, so there’s no sacrifice.

  7. Great Breakfast

    Posted by Wyndstorm on 10th Sep 2014

    I am not a morning breakfast person, I love these shakes in the morning, something so easy. What is really cool about this product is that it tastes good with just water! Its filling, gives me energy, super simple to make & I’m happy that it's organic and non gmo. No whey, no additives, no sugar.. just all superfoods. Thank heavens this product was created.

  8. love this

    Posted by Sara P on 3rd Sep 2014

    I started off with Pacha Protein because I wanted the greens and protein, but now I'm loving this Sacred Strenght so much too because it's so grounding with all the adaptogen roots it's got in it. I just feel really good when I drink it.

  9. Recovery

    Posted by Maddelena Tuminaro on 25th Aug 2014

    I was so depleted of minerals after a 22 hour labor, and so hungry all the time for the next few weeks that I would have eaten dirt. And I had a newborn in my arms all the time so I kept making shaker jars of Solay like crazy. I was mixing Sacred Strength and Mayan Chocolate the most often, and my second favorite combo is Pacha Protein and Mayan Chocolate. Plus I was usually doing some of the SuperFruit C randomly during the day. Oh and at least 4 tablspoons of Elixir also. The coolest thing was that even tho my baby was born with a fairly low birth weight of 5lbs 15 oz , within a few days of doing all these superfoods my milk came in rich and strong she was gaining twice the average daily weight

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