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Our Story

Our Story

Welcome To Sarvaa Superfood from Derek Van Atta on Vimeo.


About the Sarvaa Name: 

The word "Sarvaa" came to us as we searched the Earth for a name that truly speaks to our comittment to excellence! We produce the BEST superfood blends. Period! Sarvaa means "the best!

Derived from ancient Sanskrit, Sarvaa comes from the word "Sarva" which is often used in front of other words to describe unity, excellence, completeness, wholeness, and encompassing everyone's uniqueness. Sarvaa dharma, for instance, describes a practice of "universal right conduct."

Having a practice of "love all, serve all," is at the forefront of Sarvaa Superfood's existence. The values of meditation, yoga, and loving service are an integral part of our alignment with good health and well-being. Sarvaa Superfood products are synergistic blends of herbal botanicals that have been used by ancient healing traditions from all over the world. Each product is literally a "melting pot" of the unification of these traditions.  Each superfood blend is created with a consciousness of LOVE,  and an unwavering committment to the absolute highest quality possible. We love creating foods that are both nutrient rich and delicious. We see the pallet of superfoods as a form of art. Each and every product consists of the BEST QUALITY, most nutritious ingredients on Earth. These lovely greens, and proteins, and adaptogens are then lovingly placed together to be highly synergistic! These superfoods can then be amplified and enhanced by each other and you get the benefit in your daily life. We wanted potent, tasty, and easy to use superfoods to help us THRIVE, and we hope that you do too!

It is our belief that when we are performing at our optimum level of health, we can optimize our unique contributions on Earth. High standards held, we remain committed to sourcing the best superfoods for your health. It is our sincere hope that at least one of Sarvaa Superfood products will enhance your life so that it will eventually ripple out in wonderful and amazing ways!


The Sarvaa Logo:


We spent a lot of time designing and envisioning the Sarvaa Superfood logo. The spiral S reflects the sacred spiral and nautilus that is seen everywhere in nature from the plant kingdom to the animal kingdom. In some ancient cultures, the spiral is also symbolic of the energy from the Sun– our provider for light, warmth, and growth. On a more mystical scale, the S is also representative of our connection to the divine feminine, or Shakti. The energy of Shakti can be seen anytime we become inspired by an idea or thought or in the transference of energy between male and female. Shakti energy is often subtle in nature and imparts an expansive and radiating energy. We believe that living, plant-based foods offer a very high level of Shakti when consumed. This belief is our primary reason for choosing the best quality, most nutrient-dense ingredients so that you may feel the maximum amount of Shakti! Another defining characteristic of the Sarvaa "S" is the fact that it holds the most weight at the bottom edge of the S, which signifies a "grounding energy" that is connected to the Earth. A small leaf at the top of the S imparts the importance of the plant kingsom to our existence and our relationship to food for our survival and well-being. Plants have the ability to offer guidance and direction towards optimal and maximum levels of health, both physically and spiritually. 

Another aspect you may have noticed in our logo is the heart-shaped "v" in Sarvaa. The heart represents our firm belief that Love is the most important feelings and practices of our existence. By practicing and being in a state of gratitude and Love, we can embrace our true, divine, unique nature. It is our hope that our logo radiates a feeling of love and kindness towards ourselves and others. 


Why "Love your body, Love Everybody?"

It's very simple. Sarvaa Superfood is encouraging the well being of people through Love. Love your body, then you can love everybody! When we love ourselves, we can start to love those around us. 



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