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Top 7 myths and tips about good carbs vs bad carbs

Seven most important elements to understand about good carbs vs bad carbs.You've probably heard quite a bit lately about good carbs vs bad carbs. It's a hot topic. And rightly so. The packaged food industry has heavily promoted bad carbs for 70 years! Why? Because they're extremely profitable to them. On the other side of [...]

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The smart way to eat more Cacao! Here's how!

With New Years celebrations a few weeks behind us, it's time to revisit any intentions you made and see what still stands strong, and what needs some tweaks.    Are there certain foods you want to upgrade from mediocre to great? For many of us, this means upgrading our chocolate. Most chocolate has rightly gotten a bad name. [...]

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Thrive This Holiday Season With These Tricks.

Do you feel the same in the Winter as you do in the Summer? Probably not. Especially if you live in a colder climate. Further north, the days are shorter, and it's natural to be more inward and quiet. Yet the holidays are typically a busy time. This can create stress for you because of [...]

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Immune Boost Breakfast

Natural Immune BoostBelow is a breakfast recipe that will give you the vitality you want, hold you all the way until lunch, include both your essential Macro-Nutrients and your Micro-Nutrients, and taste fabulous! But first, you owe it to yourself to quickly review some essentials about your health in general, and your wonderful immune system.Boost [...]

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Happy Gut, Happy You!

Benefits of a Healthy Gut. How does my gut bacteria help me? It's important that you have a healthy Microbiome (GI Tract micro-flora).  There's over a hundred reasons you want an vibrant Microbiome! But let's look at just a few of the benefits you'll reap from a healthy gut: 1. Increased Immune Response, 2. Better Stamina, [...]

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SuperYou SuperFood Recipes

SuperFood Recipes!    ~ ~  SuperYou!..... the Easy, Fun, and Delicious Way!Pumpkin Pie Spice Smoothie.Just in time for the Autumn Equinox!In your blender: Start with 12-20 oz of water, add 1 small handful of cashews, 1-2 Tbls chia seeds, 6 soaked almonds or 1 Tbls of almond butter, half a Delicata squash, or a few Tbls of [...]

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Safe Support for Your Endocrine System and Hormones

One of the best ways to support your Endocrine System and Your Hormones - Adaptogens. Many of you may be wondering, what exactly is an adaptogen? And more to the point, what can they do for me today? Well, if you play hard or work hard, have kids, are over the age of 25, drive a car, [...]

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Top 7 Ways to Avoid Fluoride

Should You Avoid Fluoride?In a world where chemicals are part of our daily experience, it is important to know which chemicals to avoid.  Fluoride is one of the most present chemicals in our lives, and we are exposed to it through our food, water, and hygienic products.  Fluoride is naturally present in many of our [...]

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Do you really need so much Calcium? Probably not.

You've been told to make sure you're getting enough calcium a hundred times. And so many of us can develop a fear that we can't do it without a daily supplement of some kind.But can you get enough from dietary sources?  Or do you need to take supplements in order to protect your bones from osteoporosis and reduce [...]

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Your Top Twelve Tactics for Avoiding Toxins

The "Stack Effect" of Chemicals is All Around You!One of the biggest factors behind disease and what is preventing you from having excellent health is all the "micro-doses" of countless chemicals you are exposed to on a daily basis. From plastics to preservatives, you are literally surrounded!  You've seen the media reports, and you have [...]

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