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Sarvaa Vision:

  • We see a world full of immense possiblities.
  • We see humanity returning to a more synergistic alliance with Nature.
  • We see more and more conscious individuals who are committed to making a difference.
  • We see how food affects our lives every hour of every day.  
  • We see that pure food, alive food, "high-vibrational food" helps each of us thrive, and "give back".
  • We see Sarvaa SuperFood as part of the powerful movement of supporting whatever you're about!
  • We see each of us empowered to explore our unique version of Optimal Living!
  • We see food as medicine! As each of us upgrades our health and well-being, it blesses everyone.
  • We see people choosing to thrive, as opposed to merely surviving.
  • We see you thriving by eating delicious, nutrient-rich, sustainable food.
  • We see Sarvaa SuperFood providing delicious and nutritious "curated superfoods".
  • We see you empowered in all aspects of your life!


Sarvaa Commitments to Excellence:

  • To search the planet for the best superfoods, healing herbs, and adaptogens from small farms, promoting sustainable, organic agriculture and true wildcrafting.
  • To carefully store, handle, mix and stir every ingredient knowing that these botancials are alive, intelligent and sacred.
  • To create synergistic blends of superfoods that serve your health and well-being.
  • To walk our talk, by consuming our own products at least 6 days per week.
  • To deliver "diamond quality food" to you at amethyst prices. 
  • To truly be a leading edge "Super-Ethical" company.*
  • To create "right livelihood" for ourselves via a healthy living wage for the area we live in.
  • To be generous with our abundance in our local community, and as citizens of planet Earth.
  • To give back at least 5% of Net Profits to high-quality, mostly grass roots non-profits.
  • To love our bodies, and to love everybody!

     * A "Super-Ethical" company is authentically committed to primarily furthering the health and well-being of people and the planet. Period. That means that money and profits are NOT the driving factors. In a Super-Ethical company, money is simply a tool that serves the higher values of Organic, Sustainably Grown, Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free, Toxin-Free, Non-GMO, Animal Products Free, Unprocessed, (or minimally processed), and at least 85% Raw Food.

The Non-Profits we Support:

Turtle Lake Refuge. www.turtlelake.org

Womens Resource Center. www.wrcdurango.org

Food Revolution Network. www.foodrevolutionnetwork.org

Organic Consumers Association.  www.organicconsumers.org

The Bhotia Foundation.  www.bhotiafoundation.org


 Love Your Body!    Love Everybody!




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