7 Day Success


Want to jumpstart 2022 by rebuilding your daily vitality practice and save 22%?

Follow along with the 7 Day Success recipes and practices here! Scroll down below to find more info on the program. Enjoy!

Monday's Recipe-

Find Your Center Smoothie:

3-4 oz Water or your favorite milk

½ cup Plain, Non-dairy Yogurt

1 Banana

1 cup Fresh Spinach

3 Strawberries

3 Tbsp Soaked Chia Seeds

1 Tbsp Almond Butter

1 Serving of your favorite Sarvaa Protein powder

1-2  tsp Sarvaa SupraGreens


Blend and Enjoy!




Monday's Vibrancy Practice-


Protection Rose Meditation: Have you ever felt like you wanted to create an energetic boundary for yourself?


Perhaps you are working closely with others and it leaves you feeling zapped or drained. Try this Protection Rose Mediation as a gentle way to start your day and contain your energy. This practice was taught to me by my Reiki teacher and the beautiful Shamaness, Helen Knight @dreamtimehealings. 


Begin seated with eyes closed. Allow your breath to calm and center your mind and body. Feel your aura like the glow from a candle’s flame radiating around you. Picture yourself sitting in a 6-8 foot diameter bubble filled with golden light. Now imagine a beautiful, large rose in front of you, right outside the edge of your aura. What color is it? Picture another rose behind you and to each side. Visualize the roses’ roots growing deep into the earth. Grow as many roses as you’d like around the outside perimeter of your aura.


These roses will absorb others' energy and keep yours contained. They work like a beautiful, energetic shield. At the end of the day or the next morning when you are sitting in silence again, lovingly cut these roses at their base and allow new ones to grow. Picture the old roses being composted by the earth and the new ones blossoming, ready to shield and protect you.



Tuesday's Recipe-

Ginger Chai Greens Smoothie:

6 oz favorite Milk

¼ cup Plain, Non-dairy Yogurt

1 Serving of your favorite Sarvaa Protein powder

1 cup Spinach

1 Tbsp Ground Chia Seeds

1 tsp Chai Spice blend

1 inch ginger root, skinned and diced

3 dates, pitted and chopped

10 tablets of Sarvaa’s Chlorella Blast

⅓  tsp Sarvaa’s Vibrant Biome Probiotic


Blend and Enjoy!

 Sarvaa Ginger Chai Greens Smoothie

Tuesday's Vibrancy Practice- 


Self Massage:


A lovely practice to support circulation and connect back with your beautiful body is daily self-massage. This practice can calm your mind, promote healthy, quality sleep and support giving back to yourself in a loving way.


In Ayurveda, choosing the best type of oil for your body is based on your dosha type. We recommend checking out @Banyanbotanicals to find the perfect oil for you. I recommend self-massage right before or after a shower (depending on if you are including an oil scalp massage). Sit or stand in a warm room with a towel under you that you don’t mind getting oily. Apply a liberal amount of oil to your arms, legs and torso. Starting with one foot, massage the toes, moving up the foot and onto the leg using long strokes working up the leg. Use circular motions when you are on joints.


Move to the other leg and repeat on both arms. Always start with toes or fingers, working your way towards the heart. Use circular motions around your abdomen.  Use long, upward stokes over your glutes and up your back. Massage your shoulders and neck. Bring your attention to your heart space, gathering energy there and then ending with circular movements over your heart. Massage your jaw and ears, your temples and scalp.  This is a generous, loving act. Treat your body with so much kindness, luxuriating in the moment.




Wednesday's Recipe- 

Bluebird Day Smoothie:

6 oz your favorite Milk

¼ cup non-dairy, plain yogurt

1 Serving of your favorite Sarvaa Protein powder

1 Green Banana

1/2 cup Fresh Blueberries

1//4 cup Fresh Blackberries

3 dates (pitted and chopped)

1  tsp Sarvaa’s Superfruit C

⅓  tsp Sarvaa’s Vibrant Biome Probiotic


*To make “clouds” in the smoothie, paint fluffy clouds on the inside of the serving glass with plain yogurt using the back of a spoon. Make sure not to use too much yogurt or it won't stay in place. Pour the smoothie into the glass after the clouds are in place and feel like you are floating through an epic bluebird day. Enjoy!





Wednesday's Vibrancy Practice- 



Anxiety Reset Yoga Flow:


Begin in Child's pose, rise to knees, inhaling hands to the sky. Exhale, return to child's pose and rest for a few breaths. Repeat until your body feels warmer, and your hips and shoulders feel equally activated and relaxed. Return to and remain in child's pose until you feel compete.




Thursday's Recipe- 


Heartbeet Smoothie:

6 oz Oatmilk (or favorite milk)

3 Tbsp Plain, Non-dairy Yogurt

½ raw beet

1 Serving of your favorite Sarvaa Protein powder

½ Green banana

2  tsp Superfruit C

Handful of Spinach

Pinch of sea salt


Blend and Enjoy!





Thursday's Vibrancy Practice-


Bone Marrow Cleansing:


Standing up, extend arms out in front of you, palms face one another and far enough apart that they could hold a volleyball. Hold arms in this position for the full seven minutes. Focus on an even lengthened inhale and exhale that is sourced from the pelvic floor. If any ache or pain occurs in the shoulders, spread the feeling outwards through your arms and rotator cuffs. Pull your shoulder blades down your back, and widen your collar bones. Breath and hold for the entire seven minutes. This practice is designed to activate your bones, and bone marrow by allowing large muscles to relax and smaller ligaments and tissue around the humerus bones, in the pelvis, and around your hip socket and femurs to subtly engage. This subtle engagement of the sinew and ligament helps to activate the bone cells, bone marrow, and can be further empowered by breathing long and even. Keep going! You CAN hold this position the full time!


During my healing process over the last fifteen years, I have discovered that the most fundamental practice I have is softening my body. I like to think of this as learning to untie any knots of tension in my body, and unblocking any areas of blockage and stagnancy.
This untying and unblocking allows for proper circulation to occur. If the breath and blood can reach it, it can be healed. I've learned that by developing my ability to be aware of and then relax every part of my body I can, I'm allowing for circulation to return to my whole body. 
In working with the trauma that has housed itself in my body, I've learned that by getting things circulating can be a very effective way to return life force to parts of myself that held only pain and discomfort before. As life force returns, healing is sure to follow.

Friday's Recipe-

Apple Pie Chia Parfait:

Soaked Chia Layer:

3 Tbsp Whole Chia Seeds

1 cup organic Apple Juice or water

Pinch of salt

Apple Compote Layer:

4 oz organic apple juice or water

2 chopped, deseeded apples

½ tsp pumpkin pie spice

½  tsp cinnamon

¼  tsp ground cardamom

¼  tsp ground nutmeg

¼  tsp sea salt

2 Tbsp lemon juice

1 Tbsp Sarvaa’s Superfruit C

Yogurt Layer:

Plain Oatmilk yogurt (or your favorite yogurt)

Sarvaa’s Vibrant Biome Probiotics

For Toppings:

Chopped apples

Chopped Roasted Cashews


For the soaked chia layer, add the apple juice or water and chia seeds into a lidded container, cover and shake. Shake a few more times over the next 10 minutes to avoid seeds clumping, then place in the fridge for at least 30 mins (I like to leave them in overnight and assemble the parfaits in the morning to eat for breakfast.)

For the apple compote layer, bring the juice or water, chopped apples, spices and salt to a boil. Turn down heat to a simmer, cover and allow apples to cook until soft (about 10 minutes). Remove pot from heat and allow apples to cool. Add apple mixture, lemon juice and Sarvaa’s Superfruit C to a blender and blend until fairly smooth. Refrigerate until time of usage.

When assembling the parfait, layer the yogurt, apple compote and soaked chia in a glass. Add chopped apples, roasted cashews or other topping into the layers and/or to the top of the glass for an added crunch. 




Friday's Vibrancy Practice-


Softening the Body: Cultivating Circulation


During my healing process over the last fifteen years, I have discovered that the most fundamental practice I have is softening my body. I like to think of this as learning to untie any knots of tension in my body, and unblocking any areas of blockage and stagnancy.This untying and unblocking allows for proper circulation to occur. If the breath and blood can reach it, it can be healed. I've learned that by developing my ability to be aware of and then relax every part of my body I can, I'm allowing for circulation to return to my whole body. 

In working with the trauma that has housed itself in my body, I've learned that by getting things circulating can be a very effective way to return life force to parts of myself that held only pain and discomfort before. As life force returns, healing is sure to follow.


Here's a simple buy effective practice to soften the body:
You can practice standing or sitting. The aim is to learn to relax through the entirety of your abdomen and diaphragm, and the spread this relaxation through your entire body.
Start by first breathing quickly 10 - 20 times. Then exhale completely and lower your chin to your chest. Without creating tension, pull your abdomen/navel in toward the spine, and squeeze your arms and leg in towards your midline. Relax after a few heartbeats, inhale, and lift your chin.
Repeat this cycle until you start to become aware of where in your abdomen, diaphragm, and throat you feel tension. Let this tension relax and spread out into the tissues surrounding its focal point. This spreading or dissolving of tension is the point of this particular practice and teaches us to let tension be a teacher.
By allowing tension to first exist, and then inviting it to spread out something miraculous can take place as where there was once concentrated tension now is widening relaxation.



Saturday's Recipe-


Warm Golden Morning Drink:

6oz warmed Oatmilk (or favorite milk)

1  tsp Golden Bliss

½ cup diced mango or 2 pitted, diced dates

1 Serving of your favorite Sarvaa Protein powder 

1  tsp chai spice blend

1/2 tsp minced fresh ginger

1  tsp Ground Chia 

Pinch of sea salt


Blend and Enjoy!




Saturday's Vibrancy Practice-


Mirror Gazing: Sharpening Self Awareness
Perhaps you've heard the old story of the smoking mirror? This old legend functions as an allegory of how life inside of a body and ego is generally experienced without clarity or discernment. It's moral essentially is that living without truly seeing yourself clearly leads to all sorts of unnecessary suffering.
The story models how all around you is a mirror where you're constantly seeing parts of your own projections being reflected back at you, but the reflection is fogged up by the smoke of illusions, distractions, assumptions, self importance, etc etc.
So, here's the invitation: What if you acted like everything was a mirror? What would you learn about yourself?


When was the last time you looked in the mirror? Most of us do it daily, but only in a haphazard or partially conscious way. We'll look up, unconsciously make a weird shape with our face, check our hair, ignore making eye contact with ourselves and move on ASAP :)


But, what if you could take these few seconds a day and transform them into a self clarifying and self transforming practice?


Don't worry, it's easy. Try this out:
Stand in front of the mirror, look at yourself and just watch what happens to your face. Watch what thoughts come to mind. Essentially this is the whole practice. Just witnessing yourself allows you to witness the incredible amount of unconscious energy we expel avoiding and/or attaching yourself to parts of your identity.

Keep with this witnessing for up to seven minutes regularly and really interesting details about your habits and where you spend your energy will start to reveal themselves to you.


If you'd like more instruction, try this:
When mirror gazing, look at yourself, eyes, chin, skin, hair, and just watch your thoughts. As the thoughts come, watch how your body feels particularly in the chest and stomach, watch your eyes and their desire to look away from or focus in on certain things, and watch your face and see how and when it changes - and just wonder why it's all happening the way it is.
While moving your gaze around, keep the thought that you are whole, you are more than you see, and practice feeling this "moreness" in watching how your chest and abdomen feel during the seven minutes. Keep your eyes up, keep your breathing even and free of effort, and just let the thoughts pass thru the mind and not get stuck in the body.


If you're really intrigued, try going deeper:

After playing with this self witnessing in the mirror, you can take the practice away from the mirror to the outside world. Take it to photos, paintings, images, other people around you. All of these visual occurrences house a secret mirror where you can reveal a more clear understanding of yourself.

Try to find mirrors hidden throughout your life! They're all around you. They're your family, your friends, strangers, the person tailgating you. So much of what feels like external pressure is actually resourced from internal pressures we project onto the outside world and then take as external reality.




Sunday's Recipe-


Supra Guacamole:

2 ripe avocados

1/2 bunch chopped cilantro

3  tsp Ume Vinegar

2  tsp Sarvaa SupraGreens

⅓  tsp Sarvaa Probiotic


Add SupraGreens, Probiotics and Ume to a large bowl and mix. Add pitted, skinned and diced avocados to the bowl and mash to desired consistency. Add chopped cilantro, mix and serve.




Sunday's Vibrancy Practice-


**New product alert! Sarvaa is launching a new product, Conscious Cacao, in a few weeks. Keep an eye out for this amazing addition to the Sarvaa Organics lineup!***


Conscious Cacao Ritual:

After going on a deep health journey and eliminating many things from my diet including caffeine, sugar, gluten, etc., I found that after a few years I was interacting with food from an unbalanced, clinical perspective. While I didn’t want to jeopardize my health, I did want to reconnect with food in a more loving, creative way. I missed my morning coffee routine so I decided to create a new morning ritual I could look forward to.

For me, indulging is synonymous with chocolate. Given the choice, I will choose dark chocolate over almost anything else on the planet. The first time I went to a cacao ceremony, where cacao was used to help open the heart, the creative mind and connection to Spirit, I realized cacao is not only a delicious dessert but also a beautiful medicine. Rather than pairing cacao with milk and sugar, I combined cacao with more healthy, helpful ingredients to promote my well-being while also providing myself that indulgent, delicious morning ritual I craved.  Mixing heirloom grade, Paruvian cacao with maca root, medicinal mushrooms, Sarvaa’a SupraGreens, tasty spices and balancing salt and monk fruit extract, I came up with a superb morning drink that can be enjoyed every day. Conscious Cacao is mixed with hot water, creating a beautiful beverage that supports the body with an energizing, anti-inflammatory, immune-boosting kick. It tastes indulgent and celebratory while providing superior micro-nutrients to start the day off strong.





What is the 7 Day Success ?

When: January 10-17.

What: We're offering 7 Days of practice to reset after the holidays. We'll provide offerings to support you in rebuilding your personal vitality practices including a nutrition, emotional and a physical reset. After participating, Sarvaa will send you a coupon for 22% off your next online order.

To upgrade your nutrition intake, replace one meal per day with Sarvaa’s protein drinks. We’ll provide you creative recipes daily! If you would like individual guidance on supportive supplements personalized for your needs, DM us or give us a call. We’re so happy to help!

We will be offering a delicious meal replacement recipe each day on our Instagram page. Use these as inspiration! Get creative in the kitchen by adding whole food ingredients like avocados, green banana, leafy greens, fresh fruit, nuts, soaked chia seeds to your meals. Follow the season and your intuition.

“I like to use warm milk and room temp ingredients rather than frozen fruit and ice when making protein drinks in the winter time. Try adding one of our supplement blends to support your specific needs and/or our Vibrant Biome Probiotics for additional gut support.” ~Ani, Sarvaa Team

We will also be posting a 7 Minute Vitality Practice each day on our Instagram page. Try each offering daily and see what practices make your body sing!

Plan ahead: Order your favorite Sarvaa Meal Replacement powder and any supplements and probiotics you'd like. We’re a one stop shop! We’re here to answer questions about what will support your unique body the best.

Commit to the week: Email us at [email protected] to sign up officially or sign up with your email on our popup.  Help us build community by sharing this event with friends, sharing your favorite recipe with us, tagging @sarvaaorganics and hashtag #7daysuccess to share pics, recipes and stories of how you are connecting back with your body and your health.

Recruit a friend or two: these things are always more fun with additional support! Ask a friend or family member to join you for the challenge. Come together to make a larger smoothie batch and enjoy company while you optimize your health.

Get 22% Off: Participate for the week and receive a coupon code for 22% off your next order. Free shipping on orders over $75! We’re celebrating 2022 by spreading wellness and love. Come join the fun!




How it Works


  1. Sign up: The 7 Day Success begins on 10 January, 2022 and ends on 17 January, 2022. Sign up before January 10th by emailing “I’m in!” to [email protected], signing up through the website popup or DM @sarvaaorgancis. Everyone that signs up and participates in the event will be emailed a one-time use 22% off coupon code for use at the shop. Orders over $75 will also include free shipping. 


  1. Follow along: Each morning @SarvaaOrganics will post a recipe for you to try. Follow it or customize it to your unique needs. We will also post a Vitality Practice for you to try.

  2. Reach out to Sarvaa: The Sarvaa Team is available to answer questions, respond to your posts, and to cheer you on to Success. Contact us by email or DM us with your questions or anything you're loving or struggling with. 

  3. Celebrate: Congratulations! You did it. How do you feel? What did you learn? Let us know!

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