ANTI-INFLAMMATORY - Save $20!! SuperGreens, SuperFruits, Golden Milk Turmeric Powder, Acerola Tart Cherry, Camu, Moringa, Anti-oxidants & Polyphenols

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Regular $97! You save $20! ~ Get the finest quality Anti-Inflammatory Superfoods on earth!! 

Anti-Inflammatory Package includes:

  • Gaia Greens - Balanced formulation of Most Powerful Super Greens and Gentle Adaptogens,
  • Superfruit C - Phytonutrients and Vitamin C, Superfruit C is the hidden secret for immune system health!
  • Golden Bliss - Balanced blend of the most anti-inflammatory foods on Earth! Enjoy a yummy, potent, creamy, golden milk!

Package includes:

  • 6oz Gaia Greens
  • 6oz Superfruit C
  • 2.8oz Golden Bliss

What Makes this Package so Powerful?

  • Vitamins and Minerals your body needs to relieve excess inflammation.
  • Wide Spectrum of Phytonutrients to support your cell health.
  • Perfect food for your Cell's Mitochondria.
  • Anti-oxidants to protect your whole body.
  • Easily and safely remove heavy metals!
  • Anti-inflammatory Superfoods like Turmeric, Acerola Cherry, Moringa Leaf.
  • Bio-availability of powdered Superfoods makes its easy for you body to absorb the nutrients efficiently!
  • Ingredients from trusted sources, ensuring your health and the planet's health come first!
  • Easy to prepare, and ready to enjoy in seconds!

How This Package Meets Your Body's Needs: 

Are you tired of being tired? Are you in some frequent pain? What about your recovery time from a strenuous workout or having a night of one too many drinks? How has your mood been lately?

Have you ever considered, despite your best efforts to find out what is causing your hours of general unease, that your body may have excess inflammation? While we typically think of inflammation as showing up as a swollen thumb after accidentally hitting it with a hammer, inflammation can be anywhere in your body.

A lot of our tiredness, bad mood, and pain is directly linked to the irritation that your body can carry in your organs. And most of this pain is the result of consuming foods or drinks that don't align with your body. Clean eating is the best way you can reduce aggravation in your system on a daily basis.

Kick start your meals each day by incorporating the high quality boost and total convenience of Gaia Greens, Superfruit C, and Golden Bliss! Feel more vibrant, joyful, and have sustained energy to meet your goals head-on.

Here are just a few of the benefits for you:

  • Anti-inflammatory support may lead to less fatigue and greater mood support.
  • Adaptogens can stabilize hormones, stress levels, and endocrine system.
  • Speed recovery after an illness, intense exercise, or a busy day.
  • Balance and alkalize your blood pH.
  • Macro & Micro nutrients cleanse your body, balance hormones, and support internal organs.
  • Boost your immune system with bioavailable Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs, and Spices.
  • Support weight management by suppressing unhealthy cravings.
  • Replace a "inflammatory" snack with an Anti-inflammatory tea or "golden milk".

A Brief Guide on How To Use the Anti-Inflammation Package.

Congratulations! You’ve invested in your health by purchasing Super-Pure 100% Organic, Vegan, Raw, and Non-GMO Superfoods! The Sarvaa Anti-Inflammatory Package is a collection of the most potent and nutrient packed Superfoods formulated to instantaneously support your body in lowering its inflammation!


If you’re serious about dramatically reducing the excess inflammation in your body, then it’s essential to take stock of all the factors in your life that are creating the inflammation. Please try to cut back on anything that is an “inflammation creator” such as stress, alcohol, sugar, candy, white-flour based foods such as baked goods, and any drinks with more than 6 grams of total sugars.

It’s best to use each of your Superfood supplements twice a day for the first few weeks to get your inflammation down as much as possible.

Suggested Uses:

  1. Make “Anti-inflammatory Shots.”  Mix one serving of Gaia Greens, Superfruit C, and Golden Bliss into 4-6 oz of water or juice, to turbo-charge your breakfast, lunch or dinner with the ultimate “Vitality Shot”!

  2. Make Smoothies. Add one serving of Gaia Greens, or Superfruit C or Golden Bliss to your Smoothies, or Meal Replacement Shakes.

  3. Make Warm Soothing Drinks. Enjoy a yummy, warm Golden Bliss “hot toddy” in the mornings or evenings! A simple recipe is on the top of your jar of Golden Bliss.

  4. Take with your Breakfast. You might be surprised how many foods you can sprinkle Golden Bliss on top of. Eggs, yogurt and oatmeal are a popular choices for Golden Bliss. And you might be pleasantly surprised how nice Superfruit C is mixed into juices, applesauce or on top of toast, and oatmeal.

~ ~ ~

You are truly unique! Therefore, the correct dosages and best times to take these supplements will depend on your unique needs. It is important to use your superfoods daily whenever possible, preferably twice a day when inflammatory factors are high.

It’s healthier to have fun! Don’t let this be a chore or a burden. Play with different combinations and timings to find out what your body likes best!

How these superfoods nourish your cells and lower your inflammation:

  • Gaia Greens: Nine most tonic SuperGreens to balance pH and reduce inflammation!

  • Golden Bliss: Most potent Turmeric and herbs to lower inflammation & improve vitality!

  • SuperFruit C: Ten best SuperFruits to lower your inflammation, improve skin, hair, and nails.

  • Bioavailable Vitamins, Minerals, Phyto-nutrients, and Chlorophyll.

  • Best Probiotics and Prebiotics to boost your gut health and your Epi-genetics!

  • The 17 best and most powerful Anti-cancer constituents!

  • 19 most potent Superfoods to slow your aging process!

  • 13 most important Anti-Inflammatory herbs, fruits, and spices on Earth!

Inflammation is how your body talks to you about your health and vibrancy. Trust your body, and know that healing is always possible with the right diet, lifestyle, and mindset.

Get the most benefits from your Anti-Inflammatory Kit:

  • Enjoy a cleaner diet. A poor diet can lessen and even prevent the positive effects of your supplements. Eating well enhances your supplements effects, moving you into vibrancy instead of constantly cleaning up toxic residue from poor eating.

  • Get nourishing rest. Good sleep is so important!  Deep sleep is when much of your healing occurs. Avoid over-stimulating foods and activities in the evenings.

  • Lower your stress.  Try eliminating unnecessary activities, or by reducing the time you spend reacting to challenges. Stress directly lowers your vibrancy.

Develop a smart relationship with your supplements!

  • Add your supplements into your daily routine. Taking your supplements at the same time of day will ensure you’re actually taking them, and can deepen the effects of the herbs.

  • Use your supplements with intention. Set clear intentions about what benefits you want from your supplements, and then welcome them with each use.

  • Pay attention to how you feel about taking supplements. Sometimes we can slip into a mentality of lack when taking our supplements, focusing on our inadequacies or our pain. Remember, your supplements are part of your journey to vibrancy and can be a daily opportunity to celebrate yourself and your path!

Here’s a Sarvaa Secret:

Vibrancy is a practice.

You’ve begun! The Anti-Inflammatory Package is now part of your practice, and is more proof of your commitment to your well-being. Keep it up! Practice feeling vibrant! When caring for yourself becomes part of your routine you start to discover new ways of letting health in. Big changes come in small ways.

Every second of your day you have the opportunity to transform your life by practicing Vibrancy. Smile inwardly, set intentions, and gift yourself with the time and space to meet your needs. Enjoy turning your desires into practices that transform your life starting today!

When taking products individually:

How do I take Gaia Greens?

The two most popular ways to to use Gaia:

     A.  Put 2-4 teaspoons into a small glass with 2 oz of high-grade water and drink as a quick Superfood "Shot" of green goodness.

     B.  Put 2-4 teaspoons in 12-20 oz of water, juice, or almond milk and sip for hours. (This method works nicely for weight loss if it replaces a meal.)

How do I take SuperFruit C?

A couple different methods for taking SuperFruit C include:

     A.  Mixing 2-3 teaspoons in 16 oz of water, juice, or coconut water. Try adding lemon juice to make it extra delicious and detoxing!

     B.  Mixing 2-3 teaspoons in with your favorite smoothie or juice recipe. 

How do I take Golden Bliss?

Suggested serving size is 1/2 - 1 level teaspoon once or twice a day. 

A favorite way to consume Golden Bliss is to make a "Golden Milk."

In a small pot over low heat, warm up about 8 oz of your preferred milk (coconut, almond, hemp or flax), and stir in 1/2 - 1 level teaspoon into the milk. Because of the lovingly placed probiotics in this blend, be sure *not* to let it get to a boil. If desired, stir in a 1/4 teaspoon of coconut oil for some silky smoothness and/or your favorite healthy sweetener. Pour into your mug and sip to your heart's content!

Regular Price $97. ~ You save $20!  ~ On Sale: $77! 


Superfruit C 



Golden Bliss



Gaia Greens



~ Love Your Body! Love Everybody! ~

*The statements on this site have not been evaluated by the FDA. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using this product. 



2 Reviews

  • 5
    Superb Package including Probiotics 90.

    Posted by Christine Flouton on 5th Jan 2019

    I bought the Deluxe Anti-Inflammatory package that also included the Probiotic 90, as I had already been taking the first three products and needed to add probiotics to my diet. All four products are great, and have been evaluated by a nutritionist and endocrinologist as well and verified as top notch. Thank you!

  • 5
    Great Stuff

    Posted by Jimmy on 8th Dec 2017

    The Golden Bliss is something special. I'm happy you guys came up with this package. As someone who has been experimenting everyday with ginger/turmeric/pepper blends, I can certainly say this is a really good formula. Well done, chaps! If I'm being skeptical and critical, I do wonder if there is enough pepper in it. But I just add my own black pepper to be safe and pep it up! I think perhaps the ginger is downplayed a bit too. I imagine Sarvaa magicians are making sure it's not too intense for folks that aren't as hardcore into the medicinals, as I am. I'm used to going 50/50, turmeric to ginger, with a nice fat helping of pepper. The Golden Bliss is less in your face and actually is cut with something that is very slightly sweet. I had a little spoonful, dry, earlier today, and was pleasantly surprised. It's quite enjoyable.

    The red powder, the Superfood C, is great stuff; perfect for my tastes. I like kind of tart, high-antioxidant stuff. It mixes well with a lot of different stuff so works well with my style of making a lot of mad scientist drinks.

    The Gaia Greens are perhaps the weakest of the bunch, as far as my taste buds go, but might actually be the best for me. I know I've been working more greens into my diet after going quite a while with minimal greens. I guess my rating it as the worst of the trio is indicative of my minor greens discrimination. Anyway, I'm happy to have it as it's helping plump me up full of greens.

    Thank you, Sarvaa! Haven't been let down by a single product yet. High quality stuff all around.