Easiest Re-orders

Is there an easier way to re-order from you?

Yes! Now you can text or call in your orders at 970-444-2226, or email your orders to care@sarvaasuperfood.com, and you're done in seconds!  


Steps to setup Quick and Easy Re-order Option:

1.  Register an account on the Sarvaa website Skip this step if you have already registered an account. 

     Register an account, or place an order (Does not work if you check out as a "Guest," we need your information)

2.  Send us your card info (Step Performed Once). 

     Text or Call 970-444-2226, or email your card info to us.  We store your card info from then on. 

3.  Call or Text orders to 970-444-2226*,  or email your orders to care@sarvaasuperfood.com.  

            *This option does NOT work for paypal.  This option only works for credit cards.


 Is it secure?

Yes! And for your maximum security, your card info is not stored on our computers, nor on the servers at our webstore. For the ultimate security, your info is only stored directly at one of the largest credit card processors in the country. See Details above.  Send us your card info once, and it is stored from then on.  Making orders as easy as a single text, call, or email.

Again, the re-orders are simple, but you need to call us just one time to set up this convenience. There's no charge to you. Simply call us at 970 259-2110 from 10 AM to 4 PM Colorado Time.