Manage Your Weight


Optimize Your Weight. Weight management is a common reason why so many people are drawn to Sarvaa Meal Replacements and Supplements.  

You may enjoy these benefits that aid in healthy, sustainable weight loss:

Reduced Cravings. With such busy and hectic lifestyles, most of us tend to go for "convenience" type food or meals on the run. Often times these snacks or meals are unhealthy and offer very little in the way of nutrients, as they may be in high in sugar, bad fats, or poor food combinations that only enhance our cravings to keep eating what is unhealthy for us! The poorer the quality of food we ingest, the more our bodies crave nutrients, which many of us replace with heavy and unhealthy meals or snacks. The opposite of what our bodies desire! Sarvaa's products are designed to offer the body an optimal amount of essential vitamins and minerals that make the body happy on a cellular level. When this happens, the natural response is to crave less, making you less likely to grab that afternoon candy bar or coffee. Not only that but the healthier we eat, the less our bodies crave what is bad for us. It is nutrition at its simplest. Here at Sarvaa we create only products that offer the very best nutrition. For instance, Sarvaa Cacao Elixirs are a great, instant way to satisfy your after-dinner "sweet tooth." They offer a subtle sweetness to satisfy most anyone's desire for a delicious palette cleanser after a meal. How? Because they're so nutrient-dense which is essential for reducing cravings.

weight-side.jpgEase of Digestion. Many of the reasons many of us tend to put on extra weight is because the foods we eat are hard for our bodies to process and digest properly. When we eat heavy meals or foods that contain gluten for instance, our bodies must use extra energy to properly digest it. A lot of times we are on to eating another meal before the other one has even begun finish its process of digestion! Sarvaa's products are designed so that they are easily assimilated into the blood stream and easily digested. With our protein powders for example, we use plant-based, all organic Pea Protein, Sprouted Brown Rice Protein and Hemp Heart Protein, all of which are known to be easy on the digestive system. When we offer our bodies something that it can digest easily as well as offer a high amount of nutrition they offer a feeling of satisfaction without weighing you down. Not only that, but its nice to give our digestive system a break once in awhile as it assists in eliminatation tremendously! 

Enhanced Mood.  Although better mood may not seem connected to weight management, in fact studies show that a happier mood really is tied into weight loss. Sarvaa's products contain many ingredients that do just that. When we feel happier, we are more bound be motivated to do things that are good for us, such as exercise. Some of us are caught up in a cycle of depression which creates poor food choices that then creates a feeling of unmotivation that just keeps repeating itself over and over until we make some major lifestyle changes, which can be as simple as adding healthier food. Sarvaa is feel good nutrition at its finest. For instance, mood enhancing ingredients such as Maca Root and Raw Cacao assist our mental state by increasing our metabolism AND lightening our mood. When we feel better we're more apt to want to feel and look our absolute best, and even with the best nutrition, this can only truly be created through exercise and getting the blood pumping.

More usable energy.  A crash and burn energy flux is common with many mainstream foods and snacks we eat. The reason this happens is because our blood sugar level gets spiked to its max that it causes our bodies to use up a significant amount of usable energy that then creates a crash landing. Think about that afternoon slump we've all experienced. Most of the time this is caused by poor nutrition and too much sugar in our system that we've put in our bodies from breakfast, lunch, or snacks. Sarvaa's products contain ingredients that offer a more even usable energy that do not cause a blood sugar spike. Add in the extra nutrition, and you've got a solution to avoiding that sleepy, low energy feeling. When you've got enough even energy, you're less likely to grab something unhealthy that will potentially cause you to put on extra weight. 

Increased metabolism = burn more calories. Ingredients such as Raw Cacao, are vital in aiding in increasing metabolism. Studies show that when we increase our metabolism it allows our bodies to burn extra calories, so it only makes sense that this would also create weight loss. Many customers claim that they feel more "energized" after ingesting one of our shakes or elixers.  

Superfoods are an incredibly powerful ally in your weight management plan. Why? Because our bodies need nutrient-dense food that nourishes us on the cellular level! Sarvaa’s easy to digest plant-based proteins, vitamins and minerals also help reduce cravings for low quality foods. Sarvaa is feel good, taste good, satisfying Superfood. Use your favorite Sarvaa powders as a meal replacement to reduced cravings. 

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