VIBRANT BIOME PROBIOTICS 58 - Ultra Potent, Super-Pure, Scientific Formula Probiotics! 58 billion CFUs per serving, 24 strains, 60 servings.

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Vibrant Biome Probiotics 58

58 Billion CFU High Potency SBO Probiotic Supplement

Vibrant Biome Probiotics 58 are made with 11 strains of the most beneficial probiotics to support your healthy microbiome and gut function. Sarvaa’s SBO Probiotics are shelf-stable, highly potent and boosted with Orgnaic Artichoke Inulin, Fructooligosaccharide, and L-Glutamine to support the repair of your digestive tract. Healing your gut can heal your entire body and drastically upgrade your quality of life. Invest in your health with the best probiotics on the market!

Health Upgrades from Vibrant Biome Probiotics 58

  • Reduce chronic inflammation
  • Create resiliency against Autoimmune Diseases
  • Create nutrients in your GI tract: vitamins, enzymes, and short-chain fatty acids
  • Restore intestinal cell wall health and integrity
  • Replace Candida with beneficial yeasts & bacteria
  • Repair Leaky Gut Syndrome (Intestinal Permeability)
  • Alkalize blood pH levels
  • Reduce or eliminate food sensitivities
  • Reduce or eliminate allergies and Hay Fever
  • Improve your mood

Benefits of SBO (Sporebiotic) Probiotics:

  • More efficiently eliminate toxins
  • Improve blood sugar levels
  • Assist in avoiding or healing Type II Diabetes
  • Improve skin health and radiance
  • Improve sleep
  • Balance hormone production
  • Limit gas and bloating
  • Increase mental health and clarity
  • Improve emotional health and stability
  • Rebuild stamina and strength
  • Recover faster from illnesses, surgery, or intense exercise


How Do I Use Vibrant Biome Probiotics 58?

Daily Use: 1/3 level teaspoon once per day will give you 50 billion active beneficial bacteria. These are potent yet gentle probiotics that are designed for daily consumption.

Therapeutic Use: 1/2 to 3/4 rounded teaspoon three times per day, or as recommended by your healthcare professional.

Supplemental Use: 3/4 teaspoon 1 - 2 per week along with other probiotics, sour kraut, kim chee, kefir, probiotic yogurts etc.

Helpful Tips: Studies show that eating foods that contain good quality Prebiotics greatly enhances the ability of probiotics to do their job and populate your gut with the best possible beneficial bacteria. Please do your best to consume plenty of both raw and cooked vegetables daily. Also, try to eat some raw fruits with the lowest sugar content possible. For instance, do not eat fully ripe bananas, but eat them as green as you possibly can. And avoid large amounts of highly ripe mangoes and pineapples during any periods of "therapeutic doses" of probiotics when possible. 

Additional Tips:

Invest in yourself. For the first 10 - 14 days of taking Vibrant Biome Probiotics, you will want to really "leverage" the benefits of probiotics by eating better than usual and supporting your body by getting extra rest. This way the most beneficial bacteria have an environment in which they can grow stronger and the bad ones ease their way out quickly.

Be kind to yourself. Each one of us is an individual with different bodily needs. The pace at which you consume probiotics may be very different from the person standing next to you. If you find that consuming probiotics at the recommended dose is producing unfavorable results, such as excessive bowel movements, reduce your intake and then gradually increase it to the recommended amount of 1/3 teaspoon a day. Or you may want to start minimally from the beginning and gradually increase your consumption of Vibrant Biome Probiotics for the first 10 - 14 days.

Eat Prebiotic substances such as Resistant Starch (RS) and Fermentable Fiber (FF). RS and FF provide an ideal food and growing environment for good bacteria to flourish and for bad bacteria or bad fungus in your body to be released. To get more FF, eat more salads! Make stir-fry, mild curries, or stews with veggies like broccoli, cabbage, yams, fennel root, kale, onion, and garlic, and please do not overcook these! Eat your favorite beans and legumes. Eat fewer dairy products and less meat for a while because they contain no RS or FF.

Why Should I Take a Probiotic?

Beneficial Bacteria (a.k.a. Probiotics) are absolutely essential to your health. They're part of the community of micro-organisms in your gut and on your body known as your microbiome. They work minute by minute to boost your immune system, defend you from harmful bacteria and viruses, and help to heal disease, chronic inflammation, food sensitivities, and even seasonal allergies.

If your microbiome is weakened or compromised by stress, sleeplessness, and a poor diet the beneficial probiotic bacteria in your gut can weaken and be kicked out by invasive, disease promoting bacteria and yeasts.

Every bite of healthy food you eat shapes your microbiome by supporting the biosphere in your gut so beneficial bacteria can grow and thrive. Supporting the beneficial bacteria promotes your long-term health and happiness by preventing disease and imbalance and encouraging your body to grow healthy and happy cells. That's right, probiotics encourage your body to express healthy versions of your genetics (more on this below). This process can be supported and potently boosted by taking a potent probiotic like Vibrant Biome 58.


Beneficial Probiotic Bacteria

  • Help to digest, assimilate, and create micronutrients.
  • Regulate your cellular health by promoting healthy gene expression (Epigenetics).
  • Play a fundamental role in the reversal and prevention of chronic and acute disease.
  • Create helpful natural chemicals and hormones that affect your mood, tonify your nervous system, and affect your sleep and stress response!
  • Process waste and help to detox your body.

If the beneficial bacteria in your gut become imbalanced, your health and quality of life can suffer. Another way of looking at it is that if you are already suffering, healing your gut can heal your body and drastically upgrade your quality of life! There is growing evidence that upgrading your microbiome can even reverse serious disease.

For decades mainstream science has argued that your inherited genetics drive the fate of your health, but now that conversation is shifting and your microbiome is proving to be the driving conscious mechanism behind your health. This means that your health is an expression of your lifestyle and habits, and not some static inevitability you're stuck with because of whatever genetics your parents handed down to you. Building a vibrant and healthy microbiome can be a hugely empowering milestone in your journey to health, and Vibrant Biome Probiotics is here to help.


Not All Probiotics Are Equal

Many probiotic are made up of the typical "Lacto strains" like Lactobacillus acidopholis. These are very inexpensive and don't have the same assimilation, potency and functionality that Sarvaa's Sporebiotic Vibrant Biome Probiotics offer.

Always compare SBOs to SBOs! Shop around and you'll see that other sporebiotic blends on the market are at least 6x as expensive as Sarvaa Vibrant Biome 50 Billion CFU.

Sarvaa Vibrant Biome Probiotics are certified to be the most potent and affordable SBO probiotics on the market. So don't let a first glance at the price fool you.

Vibrant Biome Probiotics 58 contain:

  • two months' supply of SBO Proebiotics
  • Only cost 3 cents per 1 Billion CFUs 
  • The next most affordable Sporebiotic is from Dr. Mercola and is priced at 19 cents per 1 Billion CFU, which is 6x more expensive.
  • 3,000 Billion CFU per 2.12 ounce jar, which is the most potent Sporebiotics in bulk at wholesale cost.
  • Vibrant Biome Probiotics contain way more CFUs per serving, and way more CFUs per jar than any other Sporebiotics on the market.

Why are SBOs More Expensive?

1. Spore-forming bacteria are significantly more expensive to cultivate and harvest than regular probiotics.

2. SBO probiotics typically have a slower growth rate since they're larger, more advanced and complex micro-organisms than most beneficial bacteria.

3. SBOs are much larger organisms than typical probiotics, and therefore less CFU will fit into any given capsule.

Why are Sporebiotics Better for Me?

A. Spore-forming bacteria have a 98% survival rate in stomach acids, and actually proliferate in your lower digestive tract where you need them.

B. They survive your stomach acid to reach your lower GI tract, so you actually get results!

C. Sporebiotics are the only probiotic strains that are proven to be shelf stable (does NOT require refrigeration).

D. Sporebiotics are the only probiotics to take during a round of antibiotics because SFU's survive the antibiotics and arrive alive in your lower intestines.

This is why we ONLY offer Sporebiotic probiotics. And why we only sell them in bulk instead of capsules. In fact, Sarvaa Vibrant Biome are the only Sporebiotics sold at wholesale pricing!


Vibrant Biome Probiotics 58 Ingredients

Bacillus strains: B. coagulans, B. subtilis, B. clausii

Lactobacillus strains: L. rhamnosus, L. casei, L. plantarum, L. bulgaricus, L. acidophilus

Bifidobacterium strains: B. breve, B. bifidum

Other strains: Saccharomyces Boulardii

Pre-biotic Gastrointestinal Tract Support: Organic Artichoke Inulin, L-Glutamine, Fructooligosaccharide (FOS)


"I feel much more aliveness from Sarvaa probiotics than I've ever felt before! Frankly, many probiotics on the market are just too weak to do any good. But these are truly clinical-grade potency. I'm prescribing this to almost all my clients and it's given them relief from a surprising number of issues. Thanks again." ~Dr. Victoria Johnson, MD


"In many ways, your gut bacteria are as vast and mysterious as the Milky Way. About 100 trillion bacteria, both good and bad, live inside your digestive system. Collectively, they're known as the gut microbiota. Science has begun to look more closely at how this enormous system of organisms influences—and even improves—health conditions, from heart disease to arthritis to cancer. But understanding how the gut microbiota works, and how you may benefit, can be daunting. This is a new frontier of medicine, and many are looking at the gut microbiota as an additional organ system. It's most important to the health of our gastrointestinal system, but may have even more far-reaching effects on our well-being."

~ Dr. Elizabeth Hohmann of the infectious Diseases Division at Harvard-affiliated Massachusetts General Hospital


What is the difference between Vibrant Biome Probiotics-20, Vibrant Biome Probiotics 58 and Vibrant Biome Probiotics-90?

The 11 strains of beneficial microflora are exactly the same. The primary difference is that Vibrant Biome Probiotics-20 contains 20 billion active Colony Forming Units (CFU), Vibrant Biome Probiotics 58 contains 50 billion active CFU, and Vibrant Biome Probiotics-90 contains a whopping 90 billion active CFU! Vibrant Biome Probiotics-20 and VB 58 also contains organic prebiotics and L-Glutamine, an essential amino acid that helps in the repair of digestive lining.

The jar sizes are the same, but the ratios of Probiotics vs. Prebiotics & L-Glutamine varies. This is what it looks like:

VB-90 only has Probiotics and no prebiotics or L-Glutamine.

VB 58 has Probiotics and some prebiotics and L-Glutamine. 

VB-20 has Probiotics and a large amount of prebiotics and L-Glutamine.

How do I decide whether to get the 20 billion version, 50 billion version or the 90 billion version of Vibrant Biome?

Choose VB-20 if:

  1. You want more prebiotics and L-Glutamine than Probiotics per jar
  2. You're very sensitive to Probiotics
  3. You're serving it to an elder or a child

Choose VB-90 if:

  1. You already eat a lot of prebiotic fibers & resistant starches and don't need L-Glutamine
  2. You want a concentrated dose of Probiotics

Choose VB 58 if:

  1. You fit somewhere in the middle of VB-20 and VB-90.

Consider flexible dosing.

With flexible dosing it's possible for you to get a head start on improving your gut health by temporarily doubling your dose of VB-20. (By doubling your dose for a few days to a few weeks, you'd be creating your own "VB-40" with 40 billion CFU.) Shift back into a more normal maintenance dose of 20 billion CFU when you're ready.


What are SBO Probiotics?

Sporebiotics are Soil Based Organisms (SBOs) that evolved over time to survive direct sunlight, severe temperature changes, and even drought. To make this possible, SBOs evolved a shell to protect themselves. Just as their shell helps protect them from the elements, it helps them survive your stomach acid, transportation, and be shelf stable. Since humans have been interacting with these SBO Probiotics for thousands of years (because they are in the soil we cultivate our food in and on the plants we eat), SBOs like the Bacillus strains have become a familiar and essential part of our microbiome. 

  • Sporebiotics (SBOs) are beneficial bacteria that have evolved shells to protect them. The 'spore' refers to that shell.
  • These shells help the bacteria survive intense heat and pressure, survive your stomach acid, and reach your lower gastrointestinal (GI) tract, where they're really needed.
  • SBOs are some of the most potent good bacteria due to their robust nature.
  • They are not fungus; "Spore" refers to the shell around the bacteria during their "seed" state.
  • They have a 90 plus percent survival rate as they pass through your stomach acids.
  • SBOs arrive alive! No refrigeration is needed! They're fully viable for years without refrigeration.
  • SBOs are Bacillus strains, and are ancient, highly evolved Soil Based Organisms.
  • SBO strains also include "leader strains" that oversee the healthy functioning of your microbiome by guiding the processes of other microflora, ie. they are your internal health coaches.

How SBO Probiotics Work

Under the protection of their outer shell, SBOs enter the body and pass through the stomach acid with a 98% survival rating. They move to your lower digestive tract and then hatch from the shell to proliferate where they are needed in your gut. They're great at digesting the insoluble fibers found in fruits and vegetables. As they digest, dissolve, and ferment the insoluble fibers, they create many beneficial nutrients, chemicals, hormones, and short chain fatty acids that work with your immune system, your cells, your nervous system, and organs like your brain to create a balanced environment where healthy human cells grow and thrive.

These beneficial chemical byproducts aid all of the human cells in your body in expressing healthy genetic makeups! This means that beneficial bacteria like the SBO strains from the Bacillus family create an environment in your gut that supports your body in creating healthy DNA expression to build healthy, disease preventing/resistant cells. This is how these amazing beneficial Sporebiotics help your body to prevent imbalance, chronic inflammation, and chronic/acute disease.

"Honestly, at first I was skeptical. During my 27 years of practice, I've seen so much hype in the supplement realm that I'm very leery of hype vs substance. Luckily, Sarvaa Probiotics are the best I've seen in the last ten years, which has been a period of rapid progress in probiotic research. They're 700 percent better potency than the next best clinical probiotic on the market. And I appreciate the fact that the first three ingredients are Sporebiotic strains. The other strains are excellent, too. Now that I've been using them myself, and seeing such excellent results with my patients, I'm more convinced than ever."  

Dr. Jim Forleo, Author of Health is Simple, Disease is Complicated

Vibrant Biome 58 is the Most Potent Probiotic with Many Benefits

  • Includes Doctor Recommended strains with higher potency, assures you that you're getting the greatest benefits.
  • SBO Sporebiotic Probiotics boost your immune system!
  • Anti-inflammatory support may lead to less fatigue, less pain, and greater mood support.
  • Better microflora can stabilize your hormones, stress levels, and your endocrine system.
  • Maintains a healthy Microbiome to speed your recovery after an illness, intense exercise, or a busy day.
  • Balance and alkalize your blood pH.
  • Good bacteria cleanse your body, balance hormones, and support internal organs.
  • Upgrade your ability to fight diseases with Bioavailable Vitamins and Short Chain Fatty Acids.
  • Support weight management by reducing cravings that are created by bad bacteria and bad fungus like Candida.
  • Inhibits the growth of many dangerous and damaging strains of bacteria in your gut.
  • Helps body to digest resistant starches, fermentable fiber, lactose and dairy.
  • Helps keep your body's pH balanced, especially in presence of animal products.
  • Decreases procarcinogenic enzymatic activities in the microbiota of the digestive tract.


SBO Probiotics and Your Microbiome 

What is Your Microbiome?

Your Microbiome is a community of trillions of microflora that are:

    1. Producing nutrients, vitamins, enzymes, and short-chain fatty acids for you
    2. Detoxing you and protecting you from diseases (fortifying your Immune System)
    3. Digesting and assimilating the foods you put in your body

This active community concentrated in your gut, and then spread throughout your body, responds directly to how you feed it. You have a symbiotic relationship with the bacteria and other flora within you.

When you eat clean organic foods, fermented foods, and whole foods, you are supporting trillions of micro-beings who in turn create numerous benefits for you.

When you eat processed foods, non-organic and GMO foods, and refined foods, the good bacteria in your gut begin to die off and bad bacteria, unwanted yeasts and fungi start to take over...and that's when inflammation and diseases start to set in. 

Your Microbiome also contains the majority of your genetic coding. How you feed your Microbiome directly impacts your genetics on a daily basis. Learn more about Epigenetics below.

Functional Medicine and Your Microbiome

Probiotics are no longer in the realm of just Naturopathic Doctors. Every year, hundreds of MDs who are frustrated that their patients are not getting better with pharmaceuticals are leaving the drugs behind and retraining in holistic approaches. Science is rediscovering that developing a "healthy gut" is one of the most potent methods for obtaining and sustaining optimal health. This is because by actually healing your gut you are healing the underlying causes of hundreds of maladies. The Human Microbiome is now at the forefront of scientific research. Many more branches of health research are diligently studying a myriad of aspects to find out what makes your digestive tract happy and functioning optimally. 

Dr. William Cole says, "The microbiome is home to around 80 percent of your immune system, and 95 percent of your 'happy' neurotransmitter, serotonin. Often called your 'second brain,' it helps control your mood, weight and hormones."

Your "Second" Brain

By now you may have heard that your body has more cells of microflora in your gut than the rest of your body combined. Think about that. As each cell plays an important role in our vitality, it's not a matter of, "It would be nice to have good gut flora." It's an absolute necessity.

How is this possible? Microbiome cells are much smaller than other cells in size. Still, the experts tell us that we have between three to five pounds of microflora in our gut. Amazing, considering that your heart weighs about one pound, and your brain weighs approximately three pounds. So why not deepen your commitment to the health of your "second" brain, your community of crucial microflora?


Probiotics and Epigenetics

Since the beginning of the 21st century, the human microbiome has been studied more intensely than ever. We're discovering that much more of your genetic material is in your gut rather than in the inherent, static DNA of the rest of your cells. Inherited DNA is no longer the sole key to understanding health and disease. This is so important! What you eat, and how you feed your microbiome is crucial to how your body evolves over the years. If you continue to serve sugars and processed food to your gut, your bad bacteria will thrive and that information gets passed along to all of the cells in your body. 

By consuming advanced probiotics and eating a diet that helps them thrive, you're effectively allowing your good bacteria to thrive, and therefore passing along healthy data to the rest of your body's cells. Even if you have a genetic leaning towards a certain disease, by taking great care of your microbiome, you can possibly delay or completely mitigate your cells' tendency to form disease. This is the power of epigenetics: to evolve your genetic expression towards vibrant health and longevity.

Your Microbiome and Your Immunity

Probiotics are one of the most effective and simple ways for keeping your body healthy. According to Johns Hopkins researchers, 80 percent of your immune system lives in your digestive tract. Keeping your gut full of beneficial bacteria ensures that you will be at your best health! Good bacteria in your digestive system helps you to digest food, absorb nutrients, and boost your immune system, making probiotics one of your best tools for reaching and maintaining thriving health.


Benefits of Healthy Gut Bacteria

There are over a hundred important reasons why you want a vibrant Microbiome (in other words, vibrant GI Tract microflora)! But let's look at just a few of the benefits you'll reap from a healthy gut: 

    1. Increased Immune Response
    2. Better Stamina
    3. Improved Mood
    4. Reduced Cravings
    5. Less Doctor Visits
    6. Better Sleep
    7. Reduced Food Sensitivities
    8. Less Joint Stiffness
    9. Reduced Risk of Autoimmune Diseases
    10. Decreased Inflammation
    11. Healthy Hormone Balance
    12. Healthy Weight Management
    13. Better Focus and Mental Clarity
    14. Fewer Allergies
    15. Avoid numerous diseases that would cost you thousands of dollars and a great deal of pain and suffering.

Criteria of the Best Probiotics

Whether you're purchasing Sarvaa's Vibrant Biome Probiotics or another brand, make sure that your probiotics contain at least 10 different research-proven probiotic strains, and that they're delivering at least 20 billion Colony Forming Units (CFU) per serving.

See if they contain at least three strains of Sporebiotics, i.e. Bacillus Subtilis, Bacillus Coagulans, etc. and that they're shelf stable and temperature resistant.

It's always a plus if they include a prebiotic "food" to ensure the effectiveness of the beneficial bacteria, and don't have allergens such as dairy, soy, wheat or corn starch. 

"Since I work in the supplements section of a big health food store and get a nice discount on my supplements, I really didn't want to spend $100 on your probiotics. But everything I've gotten from you these past few years has been the best. And these are the same! You did it again! I truly feel more vibrant with these than the dozens of others I've used. Thanks for taking the time to make such great stuff. And it seems like you do it with genuine love and kindness."

Ashley Burton, NY 

Ingredients of Vibrant Biome Probiotics 58

Bacillus strains:

  • B. coagulans
  • B. subtilis
  • B. clausii

Lactobacillus strains:

  • L. rhamnosus
  • L. casei
  • L. plantarum
  • L. bulgaricus
  • L. acidophilus

Bifidobacterium strains:

  • B. breve
  • B. bifidum

Beneficial fungal strain:

  • Saccharomyces Boulardii

Pre-biotic Gastrointestinal Tract Support: 

  • Organic Artichoke Inulin
  • L-Glutamine
  • Fructooligosaccharide (FOS)

Bacillus Strains: Guaranteed to Survive Stomach Acid and "Arrive Alive" in your Lower GI Tract where you really need them!

What are Bacillus Strains? What are the Benefits of Healthy Strains?

  • Bacillus probiotics are Soil Based Organizisms (SBOs) and are immune to high temperatures and rough handling.
  • Bacillus SBOs such as B. coagulans, B. subtilis, and B. clausii are the most research-proven strains.
  • Bacillus strains are proven to clear out the bad bacteria, bad yeast fungus like Candida, and make room for the good microflora.
  • Bacillus bacteria help digest resistant starches (RS) in your gut and turn that starch into essential nutrients that improve all aspects of your vitality.

"I work at a high-end Functional Medicine Clinic and have access to all the best supplements, regardless of cost. At first, I thought your new probiotics were overpriced, but now that I did the math on how few grams of probiotics are in the other ones, I see that yours are two to three times better than any others. And none of the others have a decent amount of Sporebiotic strains, so I really can't compare these others to yours. Anyway, please keep up the great work making such potent stuff affordable".

Pamela McKenna, RN, San Francisco

Lactobacillus Strains: Your ally for Healing Leaky Gut, Promoting Healthy Skin, Vaginal and Prostate Health, and more!

What are Lactobacillus Strains? What are the Benefits of Healthy Strains?

  • Lactobacillus is a genus of bacteria, most commonly found in healthy humans, that aids in the production of healthy lactic acid.
  • Vibrant Biome Probiotics 58 includes: L. rhamnosus, L. casei, L. plantarum, L. bulgaricus, and L. acidophilus.
  • These are effective at countering the presence of candida, cavity-causing bacteria, and eradicating H. Pylori.
  • They support the healthy lining of your digestive tract and lower the probability for Intestinal Permeability (Leaky Gut Syndrome).
  • Help maintain vaginal health, pH levels, and urinary tract health by controlling urinary and vaginal infections.
  • Essential for prostate health, helping prevent and manage common prostate conditions such as prostatitis and benign prostatic hyperplasia (bph), and may play a part in reducing prostate cancer.
  • Known to counter eczema by producing anti-inflammatory cytokines.
  • Reduce your gas and bloating by promoting healthy fermentation in your lower GI Tract.

Additional Benefits of Lactobacillus Strains:

  • Support your upper and lower digestive tract!
  • Help your body produce and absorb healthy vitamins and minerals!
  • Lower presence of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Soothe diarrhea, too! 

"I was suffering the after-effects from two months of taking antibiotics and was trying all kinds of probiotics to recover. I even bought the $69 little bottle of Mega Sporebiotic Probiotics that my doctor prescribed and said was the best probiotic to recover from antibiotics, but I felt nothing at all. My intestines felt dead and I was kind of giving up until I got your 90 billion one. Wow, by the second day, my intestines felt alive and gurgling in a good way, and my bowel movements finally got better. I just had to tell you, since I'm so grateful."  

M. Stancampiano, Colorado

Bifidobacteria: Bacteria that Support your Immune Function, GI Tract Health, Dairy Intolerance, and more!

What are Bifidobacteria Strains? What are the Benefits of Healthy Strains?

  • Bifidobacteria is a genus of bacteria that helps maintain homeostasis in the human digestive tract.
  • Vibrant Biome Probiotics 58 includes: B. bifidum and B. breve.
  • Helps maintain healthy digestive lining.
  • Helps turn plant-based carbohydrates into healthy energy for your cells' use.
  • Helps turn milk and dairy-based carbohydrates into healthy energy for your cells' to use.
  • Helps your body maintain healthy immune function.

"I have to say I was really skeptical about the price of your probiotics. But they really do help me avoid gas, reduce my inflammationand drastically reduce allergy symptoms!"  

Arthur Wellington, CO 


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How can Sarvaa produce probiotics that are a higher potency than most?

A major factor that Sarvaa is able to share high potency probiotics is that we don't spend big money on marketing. We put all our resources into making the best quality products at fair prices and let word of mouth spread the message. This is the opposite of most supplement companies who spend up to 50 percent of their budgets on marketing, and consequently the quality of their products suffer.

We offer super high potency probiotics in bulk. A typical bottle of probiotics only contains 9-13 grams of actual probiotics in 30 capsules. And the CFU count ranges from 5 billion to 50 billion. With Sarvaa Vibrant Biome Probiotics 58, you get 60 grams (in our smallest size) of pure and potent probiotics in each jar which is equivalent to at least 4.5 bottles of other manufacturers' probiotics. Then factor in the higher potency, and one jar of Sarvaa Probiotics often ends up replacing around eight bottles of other probiotic products. When comparing, be sure to check for a significant presence of Sporebiotic strains of probiotics, or else you won't be comparing correctly.

2. Why not capsules?

A. Price. You get way more potency and sheer quantity of actual probiotics because you're essentially buying in bulk instead of in capsules. And since there aren't the extra costs associated with encapsulation supplies and equipment, your hard-earned money is going to probiotics instead of those other factors.

B. Flexible dosages. Let's say you have to take antibiotics for some reason and want to be sure you're keeping the good bacteria strong and well proliferated in your gut. You could easily decide to take a greater amount for a couple of weeks to be certain your microbiome wasn't becoming deficient in any way. Or, perhaps you've already done a bigger dose of probiotics for a few weeks and want to save some money and do a 3/4 dose each day so that your jar lasts longer.

C. Purity. Your body doesn't need gelatin capsules or cellulose capsules. Your all-important Microbiome needs probiotics. And some pre-biotics to ensure that the beneficial bacteria are well-fed and start thriving.

D. Sustainability. There are a number of ways that you're contributing positively to people and the planet by buying you probiotics in bulk. Your purchase of one glass jar of Vibrant Biome is replacing as many as a dozen plastic bottles of typical probiotics that are usually carrying supplements in capsules. 

3. Why the emphasis on the Bacillus family of Beneficial Bacteria?

The Bacillus family of bacteria are some of the most highly beneficial bacteria in the human GI tract. Why? Because they're unique among the good bacteria. They're Soil Based Organisms (SBO) that survive heat and stomach acids and arrive alive in your Lower GI tract where they're most needed. This is because they enter your body in their larva stage, where they are encased in a shell that survives your stomach acid. In your lower GI, this shell hatches, and the Bacillus strains proliferate and begin their work. They digest sugars, fibers, and starches to create essential nutrients for you. These include: short-chain fatty acids that improve your gene expression, your hormone balance, your mood, your stress response-ability, reduce your susceptibility to allergies, improve your overall immune system function, along with many more potent benefits to your overall health and well-being.

4. Why haven't I heard much about Sporebiotics (SBOs)?

Until recently, they simply were not as well understood and people tend to stick with what they've heard of and are familiar with. But these last twelve years have seen a huge body of research develop, showing the enormous benefits and the essential role that Sporebiotics play in the healthy microflora of humans. And studies show that these strains are highly durable and easily survive transport and storage and easily survive your stomach acid. As they become more understood, hey are becoming more and more popular as well; especially among experts, specialists and doctors who work with intricacies of the human microbiome.

Also, SBOs used to me more costly to grow and harvest, so they were not incorporated into probiotic supplements until recently, when the data became too overwhelming to ignore. Yet, due to their relative rarity and higher cost, most companies who make probiotics still don't include Sporebiotic strains, or they're only included in tiny, worthless amounts.

5. Can Sporebiotics help with yeast infections?

SBOs are unique Spore Forming Bacteria. Although the word "spore" sounds like it might be fungus, the truth is that these are potent beneficial bacteria strains that are extremely helpful in eliminating harmful yeasts and any kind of unhealthy fungal overgrowth. And SBOs are actually some of the most highly prescribed and science-proven strains for healing vaginal yeast infections and the whole GI Tract. And SBO strains are typically the best for all stages of the process, from the beginning to the end, of rebuilding all aspects of your overall Microbiome to help prevent getting yeast infections in the first place.

6. Tell me more about prostate health and Probiotics.

Probiotics are highly beneficial to so many aspects of your health. Probiotics, especially the strains that are included in Vibrant Biome, are being shown to help prevent and manage common prostate woes, like prostatitis and benign prostatic hyperplasia, and may play a role in treating prostate cancer. What's really happening here is that high quality probiotics are assisting in reducing inflammation and resisting infection. Some experts believe that an imbalance in bacteria in the urethra can cause prostatitis. Too many antibiotics in your system can also trigger disease. So including excellent probiotics in your diet can help manage the bad bacteria and prevent them from finding their way into your prostate.

7. Why can’t I just eat yogurt?

Only if you make your own yogurt at home that is noticeably "bubbly" and effervescent will your yogurt have a high enough presence of beneficial bacteria to make it qualify as an effective source of probiotics. Have you ever wondered why no yogurt brands actually tell you how much bacteria you're getting per serving? Ever wondered why there's never a CFU number on the container? It's because the numbers are so terribly low that it would be a big embarrassment to the companies to reveal them. Especially since a large number of the cheap yogurts have zero CFU so that they will have a much longer shelf life, and therefore make much more money for the manufacturers and the stores. Further, many of the bacteria present in yogurts have a very low survival rate when reaching the large intestine and colon. So even if the bacteria have survived long enough to enter your body, there's a good chance that they won't reach your lower GI where they are greatly needed.

8. Are Sarvaa Probiotics compatible with fermented foods?

Yes. However, for the first two weeks, one should be wise in the quantities of both that you're consuming. For instance, if eat a large amount of your favorite fermented foods at breakfast, then it might be wise to use high potency Sarvaa Vibrant Biome later in the day, so as to avoid loose bowel movements, etc.

9. What if I want to take a "Therapeutic Dose" versus a maintenance dose?

Great question. That's the beauty of getting to buy such high-grade SBO Probiotics in bulk instead of in pill form. You can easily decide to change your level of daily intake of probiotics based on what else is going on in your diet and your life. For instance, let's say you've been under extra stress, or say you were traveling and were not able to eat as well as you might have liked. And if you had to take antibiotics, you would probably want to increase your dosage by quite a bit for at least a few weeks to be certain that you've properly repopulated your intestinal flora in the best possible way.

10. Should I stop taking SBO probiotics when taking an antibiotic?

First, you should always consult your doctor about this topic. However, many leading-edge doctors and other practitioners are actually prescribing SBO probiotics to their patients while they're on antibiotics. Why? Because all the good data points out that these Sporebiotic strains will continue to help you recover from whatever illness or foreign invader is in your body. And by taking Sporebiotic probiotics simultaneously with your antibiotic, you won't have to work nearly as hard to rebuild a healthy and thriving microbiome after you're done taking the course of antibiotics. This is unique to SBO Probiotics; not all probiotics interact well with antibiotics!

11. What about SIBO and probiotics?

Always consult your doctor if you have Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth, aka SIBO. This can be a very complex issue to understand, so it's always wise to do your homework. Many SIBO specialists suggest waiting to re-introduce any probiotics or fermented foods until after you've cleared up the overgrowth of bacteria, especially clearing out any overgrowth in your upper GI tract. However, once you are ready to rebuild your microbiome with the best possible beneficial bacteria, then Sporebiotic strains are often considered the safest route to pursue. This is due to their innate quality of being in "bacteria seed" form. They are unlikely to contribute to any unwanted excess bacterial overgrowth in your upper GI tract and will grow from seed to full blown beneficial bacterial in your lower intestines, where you really need them to flourish.

12. Do probiotics really help my mood?

Strangely enough, yes! Actually, a resounding yes! Because 95% of your serotonin is produced in your gut, that fact alone is proof that taking good care of your microbiome will help your attitude, outlook and overall resilience in the face of challenges. Also, the fact that the good bacteria in your lower GI tract are the little powerhouses that do the hard work of breaking down resistant starches and fermentable fiber that your stomach and small intestine are not designed to do. Why do you want them to do this work? Because this process is what you need to create all the short-chain fatty acids you need minute by minute, day by day to be happy and healthy! If your system is struggling to create and absorb the much-needed nutrients like short-chain fatty acids, then your vitality and mood will be stressed as well. So a happy gut makes a happy you!

RAW!    Gluten-Free!    Non-Dairy!    Non-GMO!     No Fillers or Binders!   No Allergens!  No Capsules!


This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 
If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using this product.

8 Reviews

  • 5
    Fantastic product

    Posted by Peter on 20th Apr 2023

    I have this every morning in my smoothie! For a daily supplement this is a great value. Love Sarvaa’s commitment to top quality and ethics! Will absolutely continue to buy this!

  • 4
    The best of the Bacillus rich probiotics

    Posted by Dr Forleo on 28th Feb 2020

    Honestly, at first I was skeptical. During my 27 years of practice, Ive seen so much hype in the supplement realm that Im always very leery. Luckily, these spore-biotic Probiotics are the best I have seen in the last ten years, (which has been a period of rapid progress in probiotic research). Theyre at least 300% better potency than the next best clinical probiotic on the market. And I appreciate the fact that the first three ingredients are Sporebiotic strains. The other strains are excellent too. Now that Ive been using them myself, and seeing such excellent results with my patients, Im more convinced than ever. PS I never give anything 5 stars, just on principal, but I wanted to give 5 with these. Anyway, I highly recommend them.

  • 5
    Really good

    Posted by Pamela McKenna on 28th Feb 2020

    I work at a high-end Functional Medicine Clinic and have access to all the best supplements, regardless of cost. At first, I thought these probiotics were overpriced, but I did the math compared to the other probiotics that also emphasize these Sporebiotic bacillus strains, I see that these are at least 3 times better than any others. And none of the others really have a good amount of Sporebiotic strains, so I really cannot compare the old-school probiotics to these. Anyway, these also feel really good in my gut!, So please keep up the good work making such potent probiocts with bacillus stains affordable.

  • 4
    big relief

    Posted by maddalena stancampiano on 28th Feb 2020

    I was suffering the after-effects from two months of taking antibiotics and was trying all kinds of probiotics to recover. I even bought the $69 little bottle of Mega Sporebiotic Probiotics that my doctor prescribed and said was the best probiotic to recover from antibiotics, but I felt nothing at all.
    My intestines felt dead and I was giving up until a friend said I should get your probiotics. Wow, by the second day, my intestines felt alive and gurgling in a good way, and my bowel movements finally got better. I just had to tell you, since Im so grateful.
    I wouldve given 5 stars but, Im on an extremely tight budget and even though these are a way better deal than the Mega Sporebiotics brand by doctor was selling for about three times more money per CFU than these one here, Im just so financially tight.

  • 5
    Vibrant Biome Probiotics

    Posted by Matt Venuti on 28th Feb 2020

    Easy to travel with, stable and super effective...and does not need refrigeration. My go-to probiotic when on the road...or at home at my place!
    It is excellent to get bulk Sporebiotics for a really good price from an honest company.

  • 5
    Vibrant Biome Probiotics - 50

    Posted by Ms. Kin on 4th Jan 2020

    I was using another sporebiotic product for about a year, then found Sarvaa “Vibrant Biome” while doing a general product search online; I did my research on Sarvaa and followed up on their line of “Vibrant Biome” probiotics – I was very impressed! Sarvaa probiotics have a broad spectrum of sporebiotics, other beneficial organisms, and prebiotic fiber (well rounded blend), Sarvaa probiotics also boast a CFU content thats well over the leading brand(s); the Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium strains in addition to the Bacillus sporebiotic strains is a huge bonus! (makes all the difference!)

    Ive been using Sarvaa “Vibrant Biome” for a little over a week now, I prefer the Glutamine that Sarvaa puts in this probiotic blend; I am impressed! My digestive tract (upper/lower), and overall feeling of well being/energy/focus are more balanced! (thank you Sarvaa!)

  • 5
    My gut already feels better!

    Posted by Zoe Rediger on 13th Jul 2018

    Best probiotic Ive ever found! Such a great deal for Spore probiotics too!

  • 5

    Posted by Rachel Tomas on 30th May 2018

    Ive only been using these for two weeks, but already feel a bunch of good things. First off, I feel more alive and a little more vital. I did get some smelly gas for one day, which Ive heard is a good sign with new probiotics. But now almost none. Sorry if this is gross, but mainly wanted to say that there is better movement in my intestines and nicer stools now. Plus, unless Im imagining things, my mood is slightly better. And unless its something else, Im seeing improvement in my skin smoothness. But I havent done anything else different, so its probably these new probiotics. I think these are so worth the price! I did try more than the normal 1/3 teaspoon for a few days just to give myself a good boost.

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