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Top 7 myths and tips about good carbs vs bad carbs

Posted by Derek Van Atta on 2nd Mar 2017

Seven most important elements to understand about good carbs vs bad carbs.You've probably heard quite a bit lately about good carbs vs bad carbs. It's a hot topic. And rightly so. The packaged food in … read more

The smart way to eat more Cacao! Here's how!

26th Jan 2017

With New Years celebrations a few weeks behind us, it's time to revisit any intentions you made and see what still stands strong, and what needs some tweaks.    Are there certain foo … read more

Immune Boost Breakfast

12th Oct 2016

Natural Immune BoostBelow is a breakfast recipe that will give you the vitality you want, hold you all the way until lunch, include both your essential Macro-Nutrients and your Micro-Nutrients, and ta … read more

Happy Gut, Happy You!

5th Oct 2016

Benefits of a Healthy Gut. How does my gut bacteria help me? It's important that you have a healthy Microbiome (GI Tract micro-flora).  There's over a hundred reasons you want an vib … read more

SuperYou SuperFood Recipes

20th Sep 2016

SuperFood Recipes!    ~ ~  SuperYou!..... the Easy, Fun, and Delicious Way!Pumpkin Pie Spice Smoothie.Just in time for the Autumn Equinox!In your blender: Start with 12-20 oz … read more