Surprisingly Easy Help for Your Hormones

5th May 2016

bacopa-monnieri-w-img-1612.jpgSurprisingly Easy Help for Your Hormones

Would you like help with stress? Whether it’s that time of the month, or you're busy, and live a stressful lifestyle – there are completely natural solutions that are easy, inexpensive and effective without the toxic side effects of most meds. Welcome to the wonderful world of Adaptogens!

Adaptogenic herbs are a potent groups of herbs that you should add to your life for three reasons:

  1. Adaptogens safely increase your ability to handle the adverse effects of long-term stress.
  2. Adaptogens are tonifying, immune-stimulating, and increase the general sense of well-being.
  3. Adaptogens are soothing, “grounding” and nurturing.

The term adaptogen was first defined by Nikolai Lazarev, a scientist in the field of Pharmacology over 5 decades ago. And yet, these herbs have been utilized by cultures all over the globe for more than a thousand years! Whether it was warriors recovering from battle, or mothers recovering from child-birth, adaptogens have helped people like you and me for centuries in times of stress. Adaptogens are harmless to the health, non-toxic and normalizing to the body on a variety of levels.

So, how do adaptogens help your hormones? Adaptogens are unique in that they have the ability to literally "re-adjust" our body's unhealthy patterning that is often caused by stress. Much like a thermostat, adaptogens work with the body to normalize and stabilize stress on all levels. They produce a healthy, adaptive response to stress thus improving and balancing the body's hormonal, nervous, and cardiovascular systems.

For women, hormones can easily become upset or imbalanced by stress. The various changes within a women's cycle during pre-menstrual, pregnancy or postpartum can challenge a women's level of adaptation to stress. Cortisol, a hormone that is produced in the adrenal glands, is released in response to events and circumstances such as stress, exercise, upon waking, and in the case of women – during monthly hormonal and life cycle changes. When in balance, this hormone is responsible for regulating energy levels so that the body can function under physiological demands. Unfortunately, due to our increasingly high level of stress and busy lifestyles, our bodies start to increase the production of cortisol which can wreak havoc on our lives and our health. By actually lowering cortisol levels, Adaptogenic herbs are a great way to maintain balance and harmony for women during the various hormonal shifts that happen during a women's lifetime.

There are a few adaptogens worth mentioning that excel at not only balancing the hormones and adrenals, but are immune boosters and vitality builders for both men and women.

Maca Root: Another commonly known adaptogen, Maca Root, is native to the Andes region in South America and grows at high elevations. Its ability to grow in harsh climates makes Maca a unique superfood as it is still able to extract potent nutrients from the sun and its barren, mountainous growing conditions. Maca contains many essential nutrients necessary for bodily functions such as protein, fiber, calcium, and magnesium as well as trace minerals such as zinc, iodine, and copper. Medicinally, Maca Root has been used to balance hormones, increase libido in both men and women, promote vitality, improve blood flow, and support the endocrine system.

Ashwaganda Root: Ashwaganda is another powerful ancient herb that has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries. This root is most well-known for its restorative benefits such as combatting stress, improving memory and concentration, reducing anxiety, stabilizing blood sugar, protecting the immune system, enhancing sexual potency, and acting as an anti-inflammatory.

Rhodiola Root: This special root has been used in Eastern Europe and Asia for more than 3,000 years for calming the nervous system, improving depression and sleep, and eliminating fatigue. In periods of acute stress, Rhodiola is exceptional at promoting relaxation and decreasing levels of anxiety. For women, this herb has also been known to improve fertility!

In addition to the three mentioned above, there are several more adaptogens such as turmeric, camu camu berry, reishi mushroom, and tulsi leaf that also excel at addressing stress and hormone imbalance. Click on the links to learn more about these incredible superfoods!

Remember, it's essential to "know your source." You want these herbs should be organic, toxin free, and grown sustainably. In the herbal world today, there is an unprecedented amount of plants being sold that are polluted, adulterated, and toxic– many of which are not grown sustainably or responsibly. Specifically much of the Maca Root and Rhodiola Root from China is "junk!" Since demand is outstripping supply, unethical suppliers have come in to take advantage of the growing market. In short, do your research!

When consuming these herbs, it is best to experiment with what works for your body's bio-individuality by starting off with small amounts and working up to larger amounts. Unlike pharmaceuticals and stimulants, adaptogens actually build energy and vitality over time. Being both non-toxic, non-stimulating and not harmful if taken long term - adaptogens will support your body's ability to adapt to various levels of stress. In short, adaptogens increase your body's ability to survive and thrive on a myriad of levels!

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