The Hidden Language of Your Body | Sarvaa Organics

4th Sep 2020

(Shift voice to exist in positive, pros voice -- ie too many negative words in this draft like lacking, mistake etc)

Your body talks to you. But it doesn't use words.  Because of this, we often miss what it is actually saying to us.

We mistake our craving for water as a craving for food, we mistake our craving for rest as a craving for sugar, and we even mistake our cravings for ...connection vs sex/drugs,  

The big picture is that many of us have a novices understanding of our body's language, mistaking needs for wants, and mistaking cravings that seek to lead us towards long term health and replacing them with immediate solutions that bring us dis-ease.  The language of Short term satisfaction appears nearly identical to the language of long term balance when our knowledge of our body's language is lacking. 

We assume our body'd vocabulary to be primitive and lacking vocabulary.

Because your body's language comes in the form of physical and emotional feelings, it can take some time to learn to understand. Just as we learned the language of our parents, we must learn the language of our bodies.

Listening to your body's messages empowers you, putting more of your health in your control. Your body speaks, you listen, and this communication creates space for better health. This conversation is continuous. In one day our bodies will many times say: "I am thirsty." "I am rested."  "I am Tired." "I am Relaxed."

Just as your knowledge and depth of your spoken language grows, your understanding of your body's language grows.  But, what would becoming