Wholesale Account Information
Thank you for your interest in Sarvaa Superfood. At this point we have all the outlets that we can serve with integrity and care, and are not currently taking applications to carry Sarvaa Superfood.
However, occasionally we make an exception for certain kinds of organizations like coops, or retreat centers that are deeply committed to being of service to others, operate from the heart, and are not primarily interested in money.
If you still want to contact us about being a wholesale account here are some requirements: 
1. Meet the $500 minimum opening order requirements. 
2. Place orders by email.
3. Be committed to ordering at least $400 per month at wholesale prices.
4. Possess one of the following:
     a. Resale License
     b. Federal Tax Identification Number
     c. Business License Number
4. Provide at least 2 company references.
5. Submit form below with information regarding: 
     a. Type of business (i.e. health food store, health practitioner, online webstore, etc.)
     b.  Contact Information: name, website, email, address, phone
Thank you.